Today's Mandarin Oriental Taipei ya Kinkaku Yang traditional yet elegant Cantonese cuisine


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"And I'm in China、French、Three Italian restaurant、Of these restaurants is a New York based global space designer、Tony ChiIt was designed by Mr. attracts attention。Tony ChiHe is in Tokyo's Toranomon Hills "Andaz Tokyo"In charge of design、To expand its confectionery and restaurant-Creative DirectorShinichiro OgataHas become a hot topic also collaborated with Mr., a novel and elegant space made。Using carefully selected ingredients.、Original cuisine and attentive service、To match the stylish space、3One restaurant will open shortly, and popular attractions in Taipei、Has made a name as the restaurant hard to take reservations now。

Among them、This is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel "M. Kinkaku YAGE (YUG)"。It is a restaurant where you will find elegant Cantonese cuisine in an elegant atmosphere。Using the finest fresh ingredients、Traditional Cantonese cuisine provides specialized。 The center of local products、In the carefully created menu、Of the master chefTin Wong Mo (ten Mau Wong Wong tenbu)Obama led by、Utilizing creativity experienced cooking team, to prepare dishes。Courses are offered、In addition to the traditional Dim sum at the à la carte、It is possible to enjoy a variety of Cantonese dishes.


The shop nameM. IslandsThe、Of "elegance" "ya" means、"Senkaku" refers to the "location"、Spend a gracious time locationConnotations and it is!


Spring sectionDuring may、At the entrance of the realTangerineIncorporating large amounts of pot、Served with chocolate gold coins to、Prosperity of our guests and day Xmas wish。Stella.、To us, I hope that、This clementines I gave you! In this、Will be greeted the year's best over so far again this year!


Considering the restaurant that stimulates your senses, because we are designed、Visual、Hearing、Sense of smell、Tactile、TasteSharp、Enter the shop you can enjoy.。Even before it reaches the Hall、VisualWill stimulate enough!


Private room

Provides 9 rooms are private、4For those rooms are available、Suitable as dining available for business meetings and entertainment。



Menthol is a relaxing space and、At intervals and round table。And Japanese elements in modern、In the case in、A respectablePine bonsai、In JapanBonsaiHas been placed。Gently in the backgroundBGMThe、Click here for restaurantsSongs to soothe the moodAs、Professor, College of music was composed in person what is wearing。Will be more enjoyable meals with family and friends in a relaxed mood! (note:12On non-store are children under the age of)


It is a space designerTony ChiBuild a miniature temple with his own ideas, art。In the choose installed in this space、There are private bar available before and after the meal.


20Name for private

Here is、20Private room available as name。When dining in a large number of people in China、Instead of waiting for each table that seats、And there is a custom to wait until everyone is in、There are large sofas in the room。Light has a colorful art、Ceiling lighting、Had become emperor of China's ancient imperial冕 Crown (bennkann)Represent and、Have manifested。Here you will、In-room facilities and toilet、As a private space available!




To respond to any purpose and number of people、Equipped with various types of private。


This time the、Marketing Communications ManagerStella Wang (Stella Wang:Wang Jin 瑀)Mr. in togetherM. IslandsIs it the original Dim sum for lunch only, including、Will leave an à la carte menu here!


Japan language menu is so easy to understand!


Puer tea

A nice scent, ideal as a diet tea Pu'er tea。Action to decompose body fat.、Because the action to cleanse the blood、In a drink during a meal of greasy stuff together、Helps you avoid excess fat is attached。M. IslandsAnd it is has been using high-quality tea leaves、And a rich aroma and pleasant taste.


Black truffle luobei creeping $ 9
' Black truffle and radish rice cake "NT $ 300 (Japan yen and then approximately 1,170 yen)

In a dish as radish cake image to be overturned in a good way、Black truffle and promotes appetite、Outside the curricula and savory、While no longer getting dust potato。Witty also pungent XO sauce with spicy hotness 堪rimasen!


Swan liver Li Pudong potato corner
"Foie gras fried with taloghmopy (3 pieces)" NT $ 250 (Yen Japan approximately 980 yen)


1Each was CHOY on the plate、During the crispy clothes、Taro paste to shrimp、Foie gras、Beans dried、Pork, such as melting texture is.


Shiba's baked crab lid
See crab cheese grilled 1"NT $ 600 ~ (Japan yen and then around 2,340 yen)

Equipment to resemble the shell of a crab、Crab meat with lots of luxury Gratin。Cheese baked to a perfect golden brown with a smooth sauce。Is good with crab meat and ♪


Sintered Swan 拼博in the end Panel (nectar juice crotch temper、5 incense burnt in meat、10 balm selected、擇-friendly one)
Platter of barbecued pork "Spice grilled pork、Chicken with spicy sauce "NT $ 600 (Japan Yen around 2340 yen)

The Cha-shu pork、Sweet and savory、Classy touch with moist chicken and delicious!


Macau-Macau wZ Wagyu Mabo
"Australia producing beef with Mabo tofu ' NT $ 650 (Japan yen and approximately 2,540 yen)

Stimulation of the pain is not without、Is a classy touch Mabo。Here also the rice! I want to go and it is、Pecking at his wide variety and pretty belly bloat。It is too dim sum and Chinese fun! ♪


Sha 3 jade bamboo Braised Japan South pillar
Soup Japan Scallops cooked in Changsha 3 and jade bamboo NT $ 750 (Japan yen and then around 2,930 yen)

Replenishes moisture to skin and body、An ideal diet、Call it the best aphrodisiac soup for women?。染mi渡rimasu gentle on the stomach.


Fresh Hokkaido King crab foot casters meat dumpling
' Hokkaido King crab shipping】mangos Xiao Long Bao (1) ' NT $ 150 (Japan Yen Yen 590 yen)

Is a rich and Xiao Long Bao in Xiao Long Bao in Taiwan had the most elegant fragrance!


Gugija drunken shrimp dumpling
"Coco's lucrative steamed shrimp dumplings rice wine flavored (3 pieces) ' NT $ 330 (Japan yen and approximately 1,290 yen)

From the look of shrimp and fresh so、Curvy feel say。Sinful Dim sum drink also enters in the stomach (laughs)


Truffle protein crab meat dumpling
"Truffle、Egg whites、Crab meat steamed dumplings (3 pieces) "NT $ 300 (Japan yen approximately 1170 yen)

Use plenty of black truffle、Mouth full of rich aromas。The texture、Peel potato、While with egg whites become fluffy、Flavor of the crab meat is also delicious.、It is a luxury Dim sum。One of our staff we well serve our meticulous attention to watch、Stimulate all five senses in total、StellaFacebook and spent a leisurely lunch、Muddle through with a smattering of English words、Was very fun and good time。StellaSan、Thank you for your valuable time! Now、Next in line、Club floor benefitsOriental ClubThe introduction's lounge!

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M. Kinkaku YAGE Yang
Lunch 12:00-14:30、11:30-14:30(Soil、Day、Public holidays)
Dinner 18:00To 22:00
E mail
TEL:+886 2 2715 6788

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888


Mandarin Oriental Taipei special
Please see the menu here!

8Regal building, built European-style looks good、Color of the East and the West、An elegant design that combines tradition and modern rooms boast of Taipei's largest。In the staff、Recommended hotels can stay here in the!

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