Gentle to the stomach along with the 'ice Bin-bin Shanley"Dim sum almost getting lumps weekend lunch


Dim sumSpeaking of the shop 外seなi in Hamamatsu "Ice Bin-bin Shan Lee"Mr.。Ice box Ms. topic、Everyone is "over there is the best!-!" and you'll hear。Of course、Is one of the favorite married couple we shop。"Ice box" (bing xiang) is a "fridge" in Chinese、-RI (li) as well as ' ~ in "seems to mean。Ice in the box in the box-San、Dietary habits of the landAnd products、Also during the "box"From my mother's affection for familyPacked with。【From boxes in the homes of multiethnic and Chinese is delicious and fun to continue providing!: I love how theyIce box-no-SatoIt was named and。Guangdong first Dim sum masters wield arms authentic Dim sum and、Outlets of Yunnan rice (rice noodles), such as。Place、Located in the train station near walk、Itaya-machi Avenue one would with Y3 Bldg. 5F to the East.


In the elevator to the fifth floor's up、Here is the ice bin village entrance。Ice box-no-SATO's、Has been open for lunch Saturday and Sunday weekend、Stomach-friendly weekend dinner menu is very popular.


Shop、4People hung table is placed、In total 45 seats。At the cocktail party、It is possible up to 80 people。The ownerQingdao (Qingdao)And guysQingdao takamasa ( aoshi also bite )Ms he greets with a smile is so fresh。Lunch menu、Sweet potato noodles and rice noodles、Guests can enjoy a weekend Dim sum plus a limited rice porridge set。On this dayIce box-Dim sum set 1,050 YenAndPorridge set Cantonese Dim sum with special first-class 880 YenI ordered!


Set 'radish salad'

Salad with thick beat wood cut the radish salad with Greens and sunflower seeds food sense of fun it is!


Set the leek bun two

Rice and chive dumpling with pork filling、Outside is crusty and the inside improves the texture a juicier 1。When you come to the ice bin-first of all this! Many people say! 目茶mecha delicious! Ice box-Dim sum set 1050 yen comes with Leek dumpling。It is possible to add in the other set at +100 yen.


Dim sum by the today's set

Is the ice bin-Dim sum set with Dim sum on top of dim sum。Skin was steamed well I dust include filling in the texture and thickness.


You can choose from xianyang meat (salt pork) and Mala acid (sour) * United States lines 'rice lines (rice noodles)。

Yunnan rice noodles that homemade powder in Japan and 製麺 in here、Is the whipped cream in a very good noodle made from rice and water alone.


"Guangdong first Dim sum specialty porridge" * rice porridge is lean meat pidan / silver fish (whitebait) you can choose from and seafood (+100 yen)。

The palate is gently、By simmering in the stomach I can't believe my like porridge。Rice rice low and finish the sauce takes about 2 hours and it。Congee rice grains to remain authentic not、Good open like porridge?。In China、It's porridge "eat", not "drink"。Just、Ill, and because it was a convalescent、Really gentle on the stomach almost gone stiff staff at lunchtime to! Had reservation on the way back"What can I eat? Chili oil"Purchase。From your friends"Let there be、I want to eat! 」Whats the gift because it was said to。(Lol) it is without doubt that you become addicted, Qingdao、Feast we did!

Ice box-no-Sato ( bin, Shan and Lee BingXiangLi )
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 628 Y3 building 5F TEL:053-451-3031 Closed on Mondays:Monday
Hours of operation:Tue-Fri 17:30-23:00( L.O.22:30) Saturday, day 12:00-15:00( L.O.14:40) 17:30-23:00( L.O.22:30-

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 628

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