Launched after the seminar while enjoying refreshments "ice Bin-bin Shanley" Dim sum Dim sum!


Dim sumSpeaking of the shop 外seなi in Hamamatsu "Ice Bin-bin Shan Lee"Mr.。Ice box Ms. topic、Everyone is "over there is the best!-!" and you'll hear。Of course、Is one of the favorite married couple we shop。"Ice box" (bing xiang) is a "fridge" in Chinese、-RI (li) as well as ' ~ in "seems to mean。Ice in the box in the box-San、Dietary habits of the landAnd products、Also during the "box"From my mother's affection for familyPacked with。【From boxes in the homes of multiethnic and Chinese is delicious and fun to continue providing!: I love how theyIce box-no-SatoIt was named and。Guangdong first Dim sum masters wield arms authentic Dim sum and、Outlets of Yunnan rice (rice noodles), such as。Place、Located in the train station near walk、Itaya-machi Avenue one would with Y3 building 5th floor East。Is fun while picking up Dim sum and yummy drink.


In the elevator to the fifth floor's up、Here is the ice bin village entrance。On this day、From a Riedel wine seminar、Went to for dim sum at the launch meeting.


Shop、4People hung table is placed、In total 45 seats。At the cocktail party、It is possible up to 80 people。Now open for lunch, weekend Saturday and Sunday only。Ice box-no-SATO's night menu、Courses are available, advance booking and、You can enjoy a sign little by many kinds of dim sum in the à la carte。1So a reasonable part 1、Like many asked.


In the kitchen over the counter、The ownerQingdao (Qingdao)And guysQingdao takamasa ( aoshi also bite )Mr. he greets with a smile very refreshing!


Thanks to the planning of the Riedel 'WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"The ownerTetsuya OnoMs. hitting together Conference、With phoned me the appreciation you endeavored to resolve problems for the next, based on the debrief!


Kirin draft "NAMA beer 500 yen

Welcomed the successful completion of the event、Thank you for your meeting with a smile of relief。No doubt delicious beer one after that!


"Shredded" 400 Yen

And together you'll smell good as salty shredded and grey hair onion、Ideal for the sake of.


"Masciarelli Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 2012"Italy white 3000 Yen

The color is、A little greenish straw color with Apple and apricot、Giving off the scent of the IRIS、Expands the fruity taste。Every year、Cospa rated white wine.


"Autumn stir fried beans.

To me fried beans stir fried soft seasonal autumn enjoy a distinctive aroma and flavor。Not quite at home deep flavor。The drunk is, of course!


"Crunchy salad with ice box-no-Sato"

Thick beat wood cut daikon radish salad with mizuna and baby sardines the heck beaten juice salad。Guests can enjoy a taste of radish.


Leek steamed bun 5 580 Yen

Rice and chive dumpling with pork filling、Outside is crusty and the inside improves the texture a juicier 1。When you come to the ice bin-first of all this! Many people say! 目茶mecha delicious!


Cantonese with special gyoza 5 600 Yen

It is one of the Dim sum shops boast produce this no-holds-barred Dim sum master。Even getting hot soup overflowing with furniture from the skins and click volume filled with savory and delicious! But I am easily.、Dish with soup preferably in the hot from the inside out foaming and flooding we invite you!


"Rice topped with pork shumai XO Ed 3 ' 580 Yen

Rice feel the sweetness of the pork meat enjoyment can enjoy weekly。Flavor spreads in homemade XO!


"Small hamburgers 3 ' 480 Yen

But that caution is needed because it out broth、Also gone from the texture and dust popping piping hot soup is also delicious! A good hot way、Eat well, taste the soup slowly chewing the bite on the Lotus。To bounce enough attention is required.


"Mala shiryuu shrimps (molt shrimp and peppers sautéed)" 1280 Yen

So it looks very hot! (Laughs) but、Is so hard as it looks there is no。Strong fragrance and flavor rather、It can be soft and delicious shrimp by。Eating the chili peppers、So tasty sauce around with、It is disgraceful that drink、Licking peppers haven't is best!


"Fujian province from the black Oolong" 580 Yen

Fermentation、With glossy black Oolong went longer roasting fragrance、Flavor is sweet。Leave the lid up tea please wait。Slide the lid a little bit when color came out, drink、Can you taste while preventing the tea leaves into the mouth。Instead, water is again so let、2Second Cup、3Delicious even if glass eyes。My stomach is as good but、Another drink! Be said to be、At the wine bar to a second party ♪ Qingdao's、Feast we did!"What can I eat? Chili oil"The finished look forward to right now!

Ice box-no-Sato ( bin, Shan and Lee BingXiangLi )
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 628 Y3 building 5F TEL:053-451-3031 Closed on Mondays:Monday
Hours of operation:Tue-Fri 17:30-23:00( L.O.22:30) Saturday, day 12:00-15:00( L.O.14:40) 17:30-23:00( L.O.22:30-

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 628

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