Chinese cuisine IBE hosted 51 years of on the 5th! Another entry of the new members!


Now 7 years ago2007/3To know in Hamamatsu was closed Chinese cuisine "Jing Hua - fault?-"Is it in after the training、2008On May 15,.In the independent open uenishi town 'Chinese cuisine IBE"Mr.。Place、Used kitchen equipment dealers.TempleAnd it is across the street from。Is not exaggeration to say Chinese restaurant today, representing the Hamamatsu。In the past only a few no parking from、The weekend lunch had been feeling somewhat inconvenience、And extend the grounds next to the currently、Parking has spread greatly、Very is easy to use is.


51Iwata is an established member of the annual "Plain plastic industrial co., Ltd."The President inPlain toshinaoKun (pictured right) and Hamamatsu "Atsumi iron works co., Ltd."The President inAtsumi SoichiroKun (photo left)。"Ltd. Promote En ShuIt has a director director of "Gao bridge SonChan。51Annual meetingThe goals and objectives、51Year born(Before and after the time allowed:Lol) for increasing the companion。And、Liven up food and beverage outlets are working hard with the young、Even the lively city to properly go to! Have a sense of mission and、Will evolve。New members joining us this time! Representing the Fukuroi Cafe "IZA CAFE coo-kai?"And the pizzeria"Pizzeria Attico! Pizzeria attico"And Mr. takehara Nikko owner"Watanabe metal co., Ltd."Are two people in the production management Director Makino Akira-Kun! In 1976, started four is、7And of a large family and the name、Slightly after cresting came out (laughs)


興sann of the bartender's occupational disease! In a scene will serve。Works well from the beginning、"One is an essential position that group without any difficulty, you get now (lol)


Valdivieso Brut (Chile) 2100 Yen

Valdivieso is、1879 year、The family built the first sparkling wine in South America。Currently Chile domestic sparkling rings share more than 65% and、Chile No1 spark ring manufacturer。This Brut sparkling wine made in Sharma's。The aroma of Green Apple and white flowers scent of almond。Features fresh, lively acid and delicate bubbles.。Divide by seven to one、It is because it becomes empty during the、Value for money although that triad continues to open!


"Gizzards with spicy hot sauce" 500 yen

So while leaving the good crunchy cooked soft gizzard with cucumber。Continues with sparkling, spicy in ♪


"Pepper flavored fried eggplant 900 yen

Using four kinds of Eggplant, Eggplant of summer including black sheep。White eggplant and green Eggplant、Long eggplant, fried, then intersect it with the soy-based pepper sauce.。Pepper aroma porch burst into rising、Giving a faint stimulation.


"Prawns in chili sauce" 1400 Yen

Enjoy flexibility and puritsu and crunchy chili。Sweet and not too strong、Timeless taste! It is one of the most popular menu lunch menu that appeared once in a while.


"Chicken and nuts with Chili" 1400 Yen

Along with the nuts can enjoy chicken, bean jam involving soft and texture please! Sichuan peppers and pretty、Morning spicy Heaven (chaotenjao) also known as、Not too spicy hotness。And when chewing、Snacks in (laughs)


"Taiwan Basil with shrimps" 1000 yen

Like most 1.2 on the IBE's menu menu here! Taiwan Basil a distinctive aroma and flavor with spicy pepper plus a spicy、Pulp of Eggplant with Minced pork flavor! The most delicious appetizers、In the rice goes well!


"Hamana Lake Taco and okra XO sauce with' 1200 Yen

The Hamana Lake Octopus soft かく下 boil is and、And good chemistry and the stickiness of the representative price of summer vegetables。Let wearing a homemade XO fragrance!


Hamana Lake Komaki Kurihara evil spicy fried 1400 Yen

Head for Komaki Kurihara shrimp in his and you can taste the condensed flavor! Guests can enjoy the texture of this finely crushed nuts.


"Villa-Maria Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)" 3700 Yen

In Australia's popular wine magazine "win State" of New Zealand won the five-star Villa Maria private Bin Sauvignon Blanc。"Great Value! "And as has been commented、It is super delicious with exceptional value for money New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc。Guests can enjoy excellent taste in fresh tropical fruits, fresh!


"Sirloin steak with black pepper sauce" 2500 Yen

Rare Seared surface and finish、Will be spicy black pepper Sirloin steak flavor that confines and gugut。Attached beneath the summer vegetable zucchini is also delicious!


"Mabo" 1200 Yen

Spicy Ma-Po tofu modest。Size of tofu cut in small, easy-to-eat。Even a little painful personal favor.


"Domaine, Jean, this Chablis 2012 (Burgundy)" 5800 Yen

Handed down from generation to generation since 1792, Chablis wine-making family history。Now this company is founded by Marius Colle and his wife Agnes Pino、The son of Marius Jean 1952 engaged in winemaking。Jean began bottling in 1954 until it was selling wine business wine, Domaine as。1959And since exported to the United States of America、1979 year、From Marius will now join the Domaine Jean Collet, current head Jill of the third。Chablis was characterized by massive mineral and sour correctly and、Drinkability of excellent!


"Seen taunting pork ham" 500 yen

See hoot pig、No fishy smell、Tender and juicy。So if you fancy flavor and sweetness spread in the mouth。Most distinctive feature of grease!。Melting point is lower in the mouth even up and melts、Plus it is baked and savory flavor of unique views。Red、orange、Yellow、Green tomato sauce.


Crab ball 1300 Yen

Crab ball boasts a simple and elegant bean! Eggs are sting gone fluffy finish tip.、Mouth of melted goodness and juicier enjoy!


"Sweet black vinegar" 1400 Yen

Sweet and sour pork vinegar bite in the sense of the size of your ball。IBE's use of vinegar really classy。The vegetable.、Are the entrees!


"Château-Le-Bernard 2004 (France)" ¥ 5300

Cabernet Sauvignon 70%、30% Merlot。Deep Garnet color。Oaky aroma of ripe fruit and oak。In the soft palate、Smooth tannins。While holding the balance and taste of Bordeaux、Gem combines a sense of the passion for wine。But forgot to take pictures I like、After this we have another bottle of Red! (Seven! ) Is a calculation of one (laughs)

Barbera d'Asti Superiore Blue label Trinchero (Italy) 5300 Yen

Grape vines is 20 years.。After fermenting in concrete tanks、Aging in stainless steel tanks。 Been laid for many years will be released。This wine is made from young trees、Deep taste fresh, acid, light is、Has a good body.


"Fried rice with assorted" 1000 yen

And a beautiful Golden fried rice.。Gentle seasoning with salt、Texture of the ingredients well, until the last delicious taste!


"Smooth noodle" 1000 yen

Smooth would make noodles noodles of or divides preferences。Considering the photos looking the Greens come with another dish is a ride from shot。Soup is a unique deep, mellow taste。Less pungent.、You yourself can adjust the spiciness to another, will be added to spice!


Eat better、Good drinking、51 years of laughter well together。Top at the last on was drunk to forget a photograph (laughs) exactly、From the European tour back in Seiko-CHAN to everyone each wanted for souvenirs! (My joy) in the rock paper scissors battle us couple、"Truffle oil"Get! Seiko-CHAN、Thank you! (Thank you) next51Annual meetingThe、8January 20, (Wednesday).And will、Results is discussed in the summertime that、Authentic Thailand cuisine "Thai Rattana"And I'm in is a decision! Future、51Year (around) born in、Also with the purpose of this meeting are of particular interest are applicants!! IBE's、Feast we did!

Chinese cuisine IBE
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, kaminishi town 68-18 TEL:053-462-2082
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00(L.0)、18:00-21:00(L.0) Closed on Mondays:Sunday

68 -18 uenishi Cho, Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City

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