Lee Lee's creative cuisine with vegetables making up good colorful China


Behind the Viola, now、Round eight real estate groupHe has condominiumsART FORME original CastleIn before doing the construction work2013In July,The Chinese restaurant was opened "Lee Lee"And I (, Moon Cafe stanza's site)。Here is、Shop where you can enjoy healthy and delicious culinary rare vegetables mainly Chinese cuisine based on。ChefMasato Suzuki (40 years of age-Mr. a、10Was known years centered on Chinese and Japanese izakaya experience、That and the newly opened。Vegetable sommelier Suzuki chefs have obsessions are directly in the market to buy taken、Provides daily fresh vegetable dishes、Grab for women's favorite vegetable、Is a popular restaurant is crowded every day.


Shop、Counter 5 seats、Total 23 seats in the 18-seat table。Shop modern taste is the former restaurant was transformed and、Has been renovated to Western-style Chinese restaurant and her warmth of。In the Interior、Antique table and chairs、Coming up with the lighting consistent、It is a cosy and friendly atmosphere。On this day "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"The ownerTetsuya OnoMr. together dinner!


Before ordering the staff who、And a description of the recommended vegetable of the day、Politely tell you names of dishes using vegetables, such as。Inside lined with lots of summer vegetables、Chinese chive flowersAndWhite eggplantZebra Eggplant、Bottle gourdSuch as、Unusual vegetables lined up!


"Asahi Dreiser" 400 Yen

On this day、Early the next day of work may、Non-alcoholic beer at cheers! However,、The Asahi Dreiser、I can be satisfied with non-alcoholic beer in pretty good.


"Two vegetables steamed" 1000 yen

In the top menu、There had been further red dot、Selection of delicious vegetable taste simply click here! Two-stage lap served from the、Steaming hot 立chi込me hokkuhokku vegetables tightly in the better! Zucchini、Paprika、Pumpkin、Eggplant、Sweet potato、Potato、Pleurotus eryngii、Cabbage etc、None are sweet, delicious as well!


"Salt、Sweet noodle sauce、Citron、Homemade white Ponzu.

The steamed come with seasoning。Accompanied by salt、Increases the sweetness of the vegetables、And served with sweet noodle sauce、Increases in sweetness and rich flavor。Citron、Fresh and tangy and spicy and make great snacks! A homemade white Ponzu sauce、Oh by juice juice with a flop like so。But what seasonings taste vegetables fun、So changing the taste would never get bored!


Stir-fried pork ribs with garlic chive buds 1000 yen

Meaty pork ribs a juicier flavor and sweetness of enjoyment to the texture and flavor of the flowers you can enjoy! Ornament accent white-haired Leek is awesome! On the beer is the best! (Nomar.:Lol)


"Miyagi Prefecture, Miyazaki chicken and summer vegetable Saute' 1200 Yen

A juicier chicken is the elasticity of the preppy and plenty of summer vegetables are involved in a salty bean paste! I think children can be so sweet and gentle spiciness。It is deep fried vegetables are really delicious! This contains Zebra Eggplant、Tasted for the first time is very sweet and fresh! Very reasonable price、1Volumes of plate 1 plate is firmly、Enjoy sharing meals is the best! Exactly、But in front of a group of women's organizations.、I had spent so much fun!


Fried whitebait with lettuce 1000 yen

While retaining a bit crispy and crunchy、Fried enjoy texture of lettuce。Fond of the "Shirasu" salty spread gently in his mouth、While you flip through Chinese fried rice、A fascinating presentation in the beauty of the colours and tableware、China suddenly forgot about femininity、Many feel like as if we have Western-style cuisine. Any cuisine as delicious、The next time、Number of people is asking、Many little now want to try! And finish the meal chef Suzuki go to greet me because、We have to exchange business cards! Exactly、Lee is also closed on Monday、7May 21, (Monday)To be heldChampagne party @ bird goodnessの声がけをさせていただきました!小野さん楽しい夜をありがとうございました!鈴木さん、I will come again?!

Lee Lee
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 218-4 TEL:053-458-9272
Hours of operation:18:00-23:00(L.O)Closed on Mondays:Monday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 218-4

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