With the sweets of Tokugawa Ieyasu "confectionery Tsukasa AOI" confectionary


Hamamatsu red bean rice cake from beginning its history、Japanese-style confection store set up a headquarters town of ball "Confectionery Tsukasa AOI"The GeneralToyota Mitsuhiko (Mitsuhiko Toyoda).Entetsu department storeFor booth sales have been in the basement!

The sweets of、Is the episodes related to Tokugawa Ieyasu in the whole country.、Red bean rice cake was mentioned to Ieyasu and Mito kōmon is famous for!

Smooth custard cream puff pastry with the crunchy texture of the Cornet and a strawberry Daifuku is stuffed with plenty of fresh Strawberry cream "saksakcorne" and for a limited time、Tasty miso bun enjoy the flavor of the brown sugar and soft bean、Hokkaido Ebisu pumpkin using pumpkin manju and also very popular!

Above all、NHK Taiga drama "woman Castle straight Tiger'The "yongdam Temple hard" in II House sales so strong!

While decorated under the banner of the II family "lattice"、Using carefully selected large bean "bean round bean" enjoy "Golden bean" of two types! It looks delicious!

Since its inception in 0/1966、The Japanese-style confection filled with tenderness of Toyota's second generation 2 as、And sweets associated with history of Hamamatsu、Miho was stiff offers tee times!






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