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"Red cheek tart" 598 yen

Numazu Minami store is the head office、Shibata store、Well-D Nagaizumi、IZU WORLD、Yaizu store、Shizuoka Parchet store and other stores are developed handmade cake and roll cake shop "Pe de Nonne Pets-de-nonne YaizuThe cute cakes of]、I introduce it because it was put in with the best friend of Yaizu♪、A white and cute terrace reminiscent of southern France is a landmark.、A delicious cake on my cheek、There seems to be an eat-in which you can take a rest with a drink.。When you become a shop member、For those who eat cake in the shop as a bonus、They offer a complimentary cup of coffee or tea.。This is a nice service, isn't it?。All cakes are made with domestic ingredients.、The concept is "delicious and safe cakes"。The size of one cut has volume、Because sweetness is gentle, it will not endure to the girl who likes sweets.。At least neat、Thank you so much♪


"Crepe Roll" 472 yen


"Lemon Tart" 420 yen


"Chocolat" 472 yen

Pe de Nonne Pets-de-nonne Yaizu
Yaizu Station North 1-4-5 1F
TEL:054-626-5030 Open every day
Hours of operation:(Mon-Sat)9:30-21:00(Sun) 9:30-20:00

Yaizu Station North 1-4-5

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