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Bernard of the "abondance" suggest new cake in 11 month birthday celebration



Blue cake shop along the Sumiyoshi Kaido's and speaking 'Abundance ア ボ ン ド ン ス"Mr.。2002 yearOn open Hamamatsu is home to his wife since、Enjoy the rich taste of authentic France popular pastry shop。And abondance、See coandabondons (corner of fertility)And mean、And good luck in France。The owner patissierEberle BernardAnd I keep taste the cake produces、The name is given hope and hope you had a rich and relaxing time。Cake、Every season seems to change menu、Baked goods are now about 12。You can reserve your celebration cake。On this day、11Born in AugustThe presence of sister loveUchiyama Izumi(New last name:Marcelino) in order to celebrate with、Came to Bernard's delicious cakes!


Home chef、Mille-Feuille of France, Alsace regional tradition of surprise's。Bernard's shop、Everything is unique。Bespoke showcase jewelry case in whole、Every cake is often looks easy to choose.。Change seasons every cake is often something unfamiliar in Japan、ベルナールさんの出身アルザス地方に古くから伝わる焼菓子やパリ仕込みの洗練されたケーキに目を奪われるファンも多いようですこちらの店舖もここ最近お世話になりっぱなしの「ALAIN DESIGN Alan design」さんがデザイン&施工をされています。A nice shop pulled most attractive beautiful blue color in the color image of abondance。Bernard, wearing a white chef's coats there、Very cute and nice!


The owner patissierEberle BernardMr. a、Just the other day Maserati new Ghibli by hand! Be able to use Exchange as Maserati、I am so overjoyed。The end of the month201411 / 30, (Sunday)To be heldladeActivation produced by Hamamatsu City eventsMASERATI DAY 2014The Hamamatsu DAY very looking forward to us.。Maserati owner travellers not only、Car enthusiasts and many stay awaits visitors who! (* admission free of charge)


We recommend Bernard's three cake。From the front"Mont Blanc" 540 Yen「うちのモンブランを食べたら他のお店のモンブラン食べれないよ~♪」とベルナールさんの漲る自信と共にウィットに富んだ会話でお勧めされます(笑)香り高いイタリア産の栗を使用され滑らかに仕上げられた一品で甘さも優しくコクがありながらもクドさを感じさせない商品です左手は季節限定の"Noah ponnu" 518 Yenくるみとあかねの林檎のシブーストでバニラとカラメルで香ばしさも感じられ柔らかな食感の中にくるみの食感も楽しめる商品そしてベルナール一押しの"Medicis" 540 Yen。Products of excellent coffee with rich flavor with coffee and chocolate and caramel and mascarpone。While any cake tasting、I'm looking forward to the taste of each、Izumi-Chan 11 months have been born in the same month celebration!


Cute cute angel like Izumi-Chan "Park View Yotsuike"The commemorative photo model。Izumi-CHAN、AustraliaThe Brazil-born metMarcelino Nelson Nelson MarcelinoHis bride was married to just-CHAN! Her wedding gown was Angel! Unfortunately because of the visa、Separated from Nelson of Australia now, but has been living in Japan、2月にはオーストラリアへ帰国する予定ですその頃にはBrisbaneに素敵なマイホームが建っているとのことでパークビュー四ツ池のモデルルームや中層階のリノベーションされたお部屋を新築のインテリアコーディネートなどの参考にしたいと見学してくれましたますます来年の海外旅行は是非ともオーストラリアに行きたいと思います!和泉ちゃん遠く離れてしまうけど気持ちはいつも近くにいつもあなたがた2人の幸せを願っています♪


和泉ちゃんからいただいたバースデープレゼントは、Like doing my usual PC work"to catch a cold ayaco important hands!"And、Take care in the two-legged as an Esthetician tried my hand inFinger protection gloves! She told a cute (my joy)、Are really angelic women can be such an attentive。Izumi-CHAN、Thank you! Lifetime、Let 遣wasete take care! Also、Prior to returning to paatsu and I'll do it!

Abundance ア ボ ン ド ン ス
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-14-27 TEL:053-473-8400
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday、3rd Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-14 -27

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Please enjoy sipped Dassai "seasonal cooking Ouchi" counter drink ZAZA central building 1F lunch at Cafe selling "GRILL BAR bar / 029" meat dishes
Please enjoy sipped Dassai "seasonal cooking Ouchi" counter drink
ZAZA central building 1F lunch at Cafe selling "GRILL BAR bar / 029" meat dishes


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