'Abondance' baked goods and 5 star hotels 'peninsula Hong Kong S.A.R. tea at tea-time bliss


Blue cake shop along the Sumiyoshi Kaido's and speaking 'Abundance ア ボ ン ド ン ス"Mr.。Rich taste of authentic France's pastry shop features。And abondance、See coandabondons (corner of fertility)And mean、And good luck in France。The owner patissierEberle BernardAnd I keep taste the cake produces、The name is given hope and hope you had a rich and relaxing time。Cake、Every season seems to change menu、Baked goods are now about 12。You can reserve your celebration cake。The other day、Atsuko HiranoIs it more so we insert our baked goods、Not to mention was pleased, and served to the customer、We also enjoyed the Bliss tea ♪ (thanks)


Gateau Chocolat Strawberry confiture with

Moist and rich、Rich chocolate cake taste of fine chocolate。Served with homemade jams Strawberry sweet understatement.


To accompany the Gateau Chocolat、Hong KongTo us travelTakagi bow branchIs it from souvenir、5One of the stars "THE PENINSULA HOTELS the peninsula hotels"The decided to BREW tea original ♪ (thanks)


Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling tea made specifically for the Peninsula Hotel。The smell is mild tasting sweet with soft refreshing and approachable。In early April I greeted the end、In the worldGWTo take that plunge。In Hamamatsu、We heard sounds of a lively practice of Hamamatsu Festival night、UnfortunatelyladeThe、Also not likely hear the footsteps of the GW、Thankful this time can refresh interval of work in the Office tapping work is today (lol)! Junko、Yumie、Always thanks for your concern!


Abundance ア ボ ン ド ン ス
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-14-27 TEL:053-473-8400
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday、3rd Wednesday

THE PENINSULA HOTELS the peninsula hotels

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