In his new year's with gold powder green tea "Miyama" and ISE specialty "akafuku" Whats up


In your salon、From Ayako among friends、Good news is that whats your new year's! Mori (Raj), Ayako, his mother's relatives to tea sales "Ishida Chaya"And it's by and sprinkled with green tea" mountain (shinnzann) and ISE went to、Of ISE "Red Fu"We insert! I、I'm fond of Red Fukuoka.、Eeee。I wonder if for coming all the way like this? (Lol)


Good balance between sweetness and bitterness、And the the drinkability of a rich green tea mountain、Through an elegant combination with bean paste with soft or even better balance of mochi akafuku's best! (Happy tears) and happy that we have spent an elegant snack time with sprinkled with green tea! Ayako、Thank you very much! Feast we did!

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