Miho was lumps 'beauty kuraya' taste of autumn you can enjoy sweets were


Nishijima town station in the South of the old couple engage in Japanese confectionery shop "Beauty kuraya"Is it of us hospital visit to bridal nail gerow autumn sweets wedding safely last week that Moto Ze & Yoshi! (thanks) don't 美倉屋 information on the Internet is、It is often spread by word of mouth, purchased from afar! Is a Japanese confectionery shop Moto Ze family neighborhood!

Chestnut Daifuku

Japanese-style confection of chestnut is also one of the taste of autumn。Your husband is the owner, one piece carefully by hand peeled chestnuts 1 tablet put a whole chestnut CHOW Tai Fook。Bean jam in the smooth cheeks. but also the texture of the soft beans, braised、Either the item with beam paste or crushed bean paste and say it、It is close to the item with beam paste texture。Skin (COE) though I dust with cake was growing soft and delicious!


Chestnut mushi羊羹

And it's another hospital、The same 美倉屋 Mr. chestnut musci羊羹。Sweetness is about liking the moist and not heavy jelly is。Chestnut was cut here contains plenty、Able to enjoy the taste of autumn along with green tea。Moto Ze & Yoshi、Always thank thank ~ ♪

Beauty kuraya
Hamamatsu-Shi Minami-ku, Nishi town 542 TEL:053-426-0033
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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