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Daikan-Yama Tokyo's famous restaurant Patisserie "Il prue sur la Seine"Is it of Kawase Seiji, said owner patissier yumida Toru's best pupil 8/31/2012 Nagoya-8 to national open was"Avalon Avalon"Mr.。Around is quarter、Faces slightly elevated luxury residential atmosphere and good location。Two reserved parking is few meters away from the store location。Alarmed also inside of glass in the storefront and meet clear and white tones、Easy-to-shop with small, personal shop pastry shop will be on atmosphere。Kitchen is left as the owner patissier Kawase's dinner、Shop assistant staff who was.


Store Interior in white and filled with clean、Define a doughy feel occasional dark and quiet。It's impossible to eat only the takeaway shop。3Hits about 15 different pastries to stage showcase。There are visited only once in daikan-Yama's Il pure experience、But not only is billed as a traditional Japan France confectionery store、Shops are still strongly feel the sweetness we couple the impression。That is the、I heard also was advised Mr. and Mrs. Uchida for baked goods here and looked forward to.





'Gatopistarsh' 450 Yen

Pistachio and white chocolate candy。Pistachios, rich taste in abundance。


"Mont Blanc" 450 Yen

Based on the "Paris-Jammie" Mont-Blanc、Is a simple Mont-Blanc of France style。


Tranche l'assiette 480 yen (with liquor)

Hey rich tasting champagne mousse with various elements that overlap。


See Garrett now"500 yen

Delicious baked goods and recommend Uchida and his wife were so、Whats the most popular baked goods here。Decorated cosy taste of deep flavor of the brown sugar and spicy walnuts。


As the "leaf" 200 yen

Seems to enjoy the taste of the pie crust with zaksachc and crunchy crumble horotto chef's baked goods!。I have little other baked goods。As thoughts, break unbalanced in the overall it felt sweet, was not personally liking。Still remains the one us couple France confectionery in Toyama "Patisserie giraffe"Mr. would that be!

"Financier" 180 Yen
The outside firmly lift in moist。The dish spread luxurious flavor of almonds and brown butter。

"Sweet crisp biscuit" 200 yen
Becomes luxurious and rich flavor of butter and rum。Brittany texture crisp candy。

"Engadine" 200 yen
Nougat with walnuts for texture sweetness in the aroma and bitterness as candy's balanced。

Aichi Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi tenpaku-Ku yagoto Ishizaka 207 TEL:052-835-0024
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday-3rd Monday

Aichi Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi tenpaku-Ku yagoto Ishizaka 207

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