Summer events at Cafe full of nostalgia 'coffee house Mint


257Coffee shop nostalgic atmosphere is immediately on your right and climb the milestone bridge crossing of the line towards the primary 'Coffee House Mint"Mr.。Wake-up from lunch in the spacious、Sales in home-made sweets, and through time、It is a teahouse where you can enjoy dinner.


Shop、Including the counter seats, table seats and 51 seats and spacious、Makes you feel nostalgic in a moderate time's flow、Because it relieved breath restruant、Person of so many regulars。Sorry but smoking is not、May be for smokers, one of the few happy shop。


In the afternoon、Cooking class "LAU LAU kitchen Studio"The after finishing the meeting with Yoshimi、Yoshimi, in the hope of、To have a summer tradition、Poker arrived, searching for ice。Poker speaking of ice、Motohama-matrix can be "green"and then, I also recommended, but、We were like this is decision。In the food log、Poker's "polar bear" it seems that travelers visiting the ice!


Special mango 680 Yen

In old fashioned machine shaved ice block ice shop、Fluffy、And crisp texture well、Even a small amount of syrup sweet feeling in。Special series uses pulp with collagen with plenty of syrup。Experience our Chef patissier was utilized、Put a small amount of wine that suits each syrup spice, flavor is out!。Vanilla ice cream with a mint、Condensed milk、On the mango sauce and fruit、Very gorgeous shaved is tasty with ice!


OME shaved ice 680 Yen

Emerged as the Thanksgiving dinner menu。2013Used homemade syrup production local OME、Less sweet and shaved ice!


"Chocolate Parfait' 700 yen

In the next poker, she and I, enjoy and share the ice、Partner offers in the first Parfait feel balanced height was asking for chocolate Parfait (lol) also spread it!


Jamaica coffee 600 Yen

Poker body slightly chilled with ice was warm again (laughs) little bit of luxury specialty coffee with coffee。The coffee here、1Are some carefully siphon Cup 1 cup。Jamaica coffee、The creative staff with the、No manners、Mild、I feel the taste。Provided through operating time without worrying about、I think is a good place to enjoy a meal or tea time!

Coffee House Mint
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception town 314-16 TEL:053-437-2535
Hours of operation:9:00To 22:30 Closed on Mondays:Thursday

Hamamatsu-cho 314-16 North birth

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