A pet-accessible café where you can relax in the 50-year-old atelier and lush garden of "Garden House Kamakura"

A three-day excursion with my dog Chocolat to Zushi and Kamakura in late May when the greenery is getting darker。

The old private house hotel where I stayedKamakura KokinDaisuke Matsumiya, representative and manager of the operating company (Daisuke Matsumiya)Please introduce a café that can be accompanied by pets and go ♪

Renovated 50-year-old atelier、You can relax in the lush garden and enjoy the popular "GARDEN HOUSE KAMAKURA"To!

The place is about a 3-minute walk from the west exit of Kamakura Station.、It exists in a good location between "Kinokuniya Kamakura store" and "Starbucks coffee Kamakura Onseicho store"。

Kamakura is dotted with pet-accessible restaurants and cafes。
This is a restaurant and café that was born in Kamakura in October 2012.、We have restaurants in Kamakura and Shinjuku.、Bakery shop in Sokanyama、In addition, it is a group that there are dealers in Yokohama!

Windy garden terrace。
Because it is a popular café、The garden terrace full of openness is almost full!

The natural and woody interior also calms down。

The concept will be "Season-inspired" and "Fine-works".、With the theme of season and handmade、The dishes were made with shonan's seasonal ingredients.、A variety of daily small plates, pizzas and pastas、Pancake、Prepare exciting main dishes such as roasting a whole pigeon、Collaborated with kamakura ham maker "Kamakura Ham Tomioka Shokai" with local Kamakura、Northern CALIFORNIA style dishes using handmade loin ham that can only be eaten here!

Select products handled in Kamakura are also sold in the store、You can also get souvenirs after enjoying the meal!

Also、It is also collaborated with Kamakura Beer, which is making craft beer in Kamakura.、Garden HOUSE original craft beer according to the season is packed in a barrel first thing in the morning and sent directly、You can also enjoy freshly brewed craft beers that can only be tasted here and natule wines carefully selected by sommeliers!

Craft beers and wines enjoyed while inging each other's wind on the garden terrace will surely be delicious!

We went to the garden terrace with our dog Chocolat。
Morning 9:00-10:30The time zone until becomes a morning menu、Breakfast is available!

Toast Set 700yen+350yen

Fresh, colorful green salad with dressing、Boiled egg、Pando Campagne is served with the restaurant's original homemade buttermilk。
I ordered additional grilled bacon of "Kamakura Ham Tomioka Shokai" at +350yen here!

Pando Campagne (country bread) baked with carefully selected wheat and homemade yeast、You can enjoy a strong sourness and rich umami with a firm texture、The combination with homemade butter is also exquisite!

Thickly sliced Kamakura ham grilled bacon、Pork belly salted for more than 5 days with aged bacon、The aroma and umami will be delicious!

"Soup 'Pistu'" 980yen

Provencal style in southern France、Soup with plenty of beans and vegetable herbs。

Pistu is a sauce made with basil from the Provance region of France.、This is "Soup opistu" finished in a warm soup。

The smell of basil is refreshing、The dashi stock from the vegetables creates a gentle taste.。There is also a sense of volume of white green beans、It is perfect for breakfast as a soup to eat!

Side menu "Gardener's Salad" half size 600yen

Fresh green salad is this volume even in half size!
After all, it is limited to fresh salad in the morning♪

Garden terrace where you can enjoy with your dog Chocolat!
There are also other customers with wanko and interaction between dog。
There is no food menu for dogs.、While giving water and snacks brought with you、You can have a good time♪

Set drink "Iced coffee hot coffee"

As for hot coffee, it pours plenty into the mug.、Perfect for those who want to spend a relaxing time!

There is a figure of a foreign parent and child with a very cute child、I was in the mood to be abroad to match the atmosphere of the garden terrace!

In Kamakura, you can enjoy stylish restaurants and atmospheric café walks.、Every time you visit, you're discovered!
In addition、A city in Kamakura that is friendly to dog。It is recommended!

Address:15-46 Onseicho, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Hours of operation:9:00-20:00(L.O.19:00-
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays
*Pets are allowed only on the garden terrace.

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