See eskerita 68"60's interior is cozy, ringing around cave Ranch!

Daytime Cafe、Cafes make night transformed into live venues, played on the western shore "Esquerita 68Eskerita 68) "At lunch time!

Here, sound and West coast road along the Lake Cafe、Because the nearest coffee shop within walking distance from my home、A gentle stroll weather and spring flowers、This is the first visit while in flowering cherry trees, ringing Lake!

Pacific Tower in a quiet residential area、2000In the year of the ownerHiroshi goto (Hiroshi Goto)And his wife is open since 18 years between、Day is healthy and yummy homemade open as a café selling and、Night became a dining bar、ROCK and FOLK、JAZZ、POP、Burlesque、Comedy etc etc、Gathered bands that are active in a variety of genres as a live music venue that is continuous day hustle and bustle and、Cafe & bar music geek will love.

The name "Esquerita68 (eskerita 68)"The、1960R's&B singer's name has been named、[68] is taken from the shop owner born in years! In the love that era owner commitment、Shop 60's-featuring ' 70s decor & design、Comfortable and feeling good and warm、Cafe somewhere nostalgic sounds、Space relaxing and peaceful time!

Lunch menu、Using homemade bagels offers daily "perfect set" 1000 yen ~、"Various omurice (salad、With miso soup) "1000 yen ~、See various types of pasta (salad) 1000 yen-and、Drink set at +200 yen、+450 yen as drink & cake can be added!

The dishes here and suites、Uses choice ingredients and seasonings, etc.、Organic Brown rice started.、Sweet, home grown soy beans using 100% natural soy sauce or Amami (sudaki) sugar、Seawater goto Nada near the mineral-rich salts in、Underscoring its increased eat while being mindful of the health、You can rest assured!


"Good Bacon BLT sandwich" 1150 Yen
In a lovely plate style!
Pottery Cup、Every morning fresh "pumpkin soup" comes with plenty of、In the typical Salad Bowl、Other leafy vegetables, such as cabbage and lettuce、Barley and mushroom salad and Spice becomes a habit and Chick Pea Salad、Smooth mashed potato、Nice colorful carrot lape、Cherry tomato、Includes crunchy outstanding homemade potato chips、Women in the form of healthy lunch!

Provides daily homemade bagels、Without the use of eggs, butter and milk to make、That is more healthy than bread、Heavy and filling、Also was delicious too chewy texture and dust、This day bagel and impregnated with Sesame、From the toasted sandwich ingredients、Provide fresh、Savory flavor is the best!
Go there、Watanabe butcher shop in leafy vegetables with plenty of juicy, crispy bacon, served with、Better compatibility with salsa and cream cheese、This is a delicious yummy sour pickles and olives becomes the accent!

"Fragrant cheese omelet (salad、With miso soup) "1000 yen
On the organic Brown rice mtsukabi、Is a fluffy omelette thick omelet topped、Is a Japanese-style omelet fried style! Fluffy omelet、Feel the taste of, such as soup with egg、Taste of "happo-one 's" is, and has helped!

Organic Brown rice hung with white sesame seeds、Enjoy Sesame flavor in every bite!
Got an omelet in fragrant kinds of cheese、That can be served with salsa、Us and Japanese-style sauce with rice.

Because the Valley nor the omelet was very good.、I think next time I want to challenge other menus and pasta!

Blend coffee +200 yen
After dinner、While blend coffee is stocked from Fukuroi who swear at home by home roasting coffee roaster "blister and Japanese restaurant、His wife and chat for fun、Almost gone stiff time!

GoTo Masahiro's owner is active as a drummer、With DrumMania presence know in Japan drummer world、This drum specialist monthly magazine "Rhythm & drums magazine (Rhythm & Drums Magazine)"For in the April issue of 2019"Esquerita 68Eskerita 68) "That adorned the front cover!

3March-April live will enhance scheduling、Try checking the live calendar would be interested!

ESQUERITA 68 (eskerita 68)
Address:Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-Shi, Nishi-Ku, Ohira-2-48-30 Reservior Ohira-1F
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30
Live dates:18:00 Open-19:00 Start
Closed on Mondays:Thursday
(* Live may one day be changed。Please check the live calendar, facebook, twitter。-
Parking lot:7Cars (free of charge)

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