Renewed "hamanako Royal Hotel" in discussions with dinner.


2010Since 7/2012 between Japan seen from Oriental theme some renewal was "Hamanako Royal Hotel"。As a Manager here、4Than a month headquarters back from Osaka University and Sumo、Daizaburo Brook and upcoming promotions and taking meetings, we went to a dinner party。


Entrance lobby with Oriental atmosphere the image of Bali Indonesia、In addition to sprucing up the bath area。A great new space immediately big CHAN to and guided by the、On the front of the bath、Also very nice treatments, reflexology and delicate relaxation room。Would be the perfect place to relax after。Panoramic views of Lake Hamana, Central hotel location is best this season、7/6In the (Saturday) or scheduled Fireworks dinner can be enjoyed while Benten Island fireworks will be held for the top-floor restaurant French、Like enjoying summer holidays for families with children、7/13Pool opening is made from (Saturday) is packed with events.


1Tea lounge "ripple" at large has been meeting and。We have customers just tea is tea lounge space with 90 seats and offers views。



We wake up in the morning drink、Great discussion about future promotions and。On this day, though the weather was a little cool.、Us concerned about me skirt、Split second, Hall staff offer rug、There was attention。It is nice attention to detail.


During the meeting fee Fukunishi Takashi male's beverage Division Manager、Was stopped by to say hello。And、Hotel in Manager of Chan will be delicious herbal tea herbs grown by themselves.


"With a hint of Lemongrass herbal mint"

馨shii aroma's spread will soak lemon fresh, which have been picked just for a cup of herbal tea、Relieved calms the mind。Bright lemon yellow to fresh、Because he concealed the Mint gently Cup、It is very refreshing effect.


Now、During the meeting.、Dai-Chan together 1 f at a "Japan food enshunada' now、Now enjoyed the best lunch meetings with them。Also in summer 2010、Attire is renewal OPEN to new。Female designers it's by design、Has become a kind of atmosphere was well used light。I will introduce in a later article content.


After a meal、Nome has wedding-related promotional plans from Tokyo's 浅野目 Shu Kei had come so received will greetings。浅野目 says、Before Dai-Chan since Beppu Royal stayed with you seems to fit、It seems has been instrumental to enliven the Hamana Lake Royal Wedding this time。Leave it to me to exchange information will let、Precious time thank you。Now、Next in line is "Japan food Enshu Nada" of is the introduction of a delicious lunch!

Hamanako Royal Hotel
Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1 TEL:053-592-2222

Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1

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