At a cafe named "Garden" and "Sara Plaza sanarudai" great Thanksgiving raffle after lunch.

Was born in 4/2017, Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sanarudai Orange Street along、As early as week 1 year to live "Sara Plaza sanarudai"To!

Here is、City gas company headquartered in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture Foundation and the、Business expanded in various fields related to life in General 'Sara group' series "Chubu gas co., Ltd. is operated!

Naturally, leafy courtyard in the Center、Glass is one-story building is in cell、From the welcome Hall and a consultation service to greet the guest space、Food lab to hold cooking classes and events-party、The living lab also does various proposals for the home and living、LOLO giardino cafe the café as a place of relaxation room becomes a region、"Another one、In your living room。"And titled dating & becomes a space of relaxation!

On this day、11/1(Thursday)-11 / 4 had a nice raffle tickets have been held up to (Sunday) '57 Sara thanks for the great festival"for visitors!

A raffle was being held at an outdoor challenge immediately!
1And catalog gift worth 10000 JPY (40 pieces)、2Such as ' Hokkaido nanatsuiro Boshi 5 kg (60 pieces) "introduction、6And far from great prizes provided by、7"Shiroki, ' Tis soonest, miso and" until becomes the happy Lottery's!

But unfortunately the result is、7Etc. of "shiroki-Awara soonest, miso and" is done in、Miso melts away during their overseas travel would be very handy!

4On festival days, which will be held、In many various activities、That first day is held at the food Lab "coin-cooking classes (booked in advance)、By using the easy-to-use, stylish Sala kitchen stovetop, and practice the "paella"、All guests booked was enjoy recipes and tasting in the 500 yen coin!


We have、Lunch time at LOLO giardino cafe!

Here is、Opened "D Terrace(Dieters) "in the same place were run initially as LOLO Cafe is also responsible for、LOLO giardino cafe this year 2018 in April means of the 'giardino-Garden"restaurant, open again!

Gently bathed in natural light、The feeling of openness and increased warm tenderness of wood on the ceiling、The image of the Brooklyn Cafe with a white stylish!

Lunch menu、A-provides three different types of C Ranch、I am the most popular C lunch of shrimp and avocado saladdutchbaby 1100 Yen、Husband ordered the fish fry set A lunch of three species of shellfish pettanko peroncinospagheti 1300 Yen!

Saladdutchbaby shrimp and avocado 1100 Yen
Also the Visual impact.、The photogenic image of making saladdutchbaby、Pancakes cooked in the oven for hours and feel the natural sweetness of the egg、Align the avocado shrimp Ceviche、Enjoy with bread machine instead of salad finished with spices such as cumin and Garam Masala curry dish!
Although the salad、More often in crisp crunchy and a feeling of fullness、As a light and healthy lunch satisfactory volume、Women are glad!

"Three shells pettanko peroncinospagheti 1300 Yen
The peperoncino with large clams and clams and mussels pulled luxury flavor of 3 species、Coupled with the acidity of the tomatoes with a refreshing light pasta is!

He asked the coffee using beans roasted 'coffee bean College Pom Pom store coffee shop"which sets will come with the drinks and grape fruit juice!

In the drink、Served with baked meringue cake "blottiforni"、In the savory baked almond or cashew nuts, finely crafted、Green inner courtyard filled with、Almost gone stiff coffee time!

Lunch at this cozy comfortable space is the best! While friendly staff very nice female staff with a photo!

11 / 4 is a great Thanksgiving is being held up to (Sunday)!

Sara Plaza sanarudai
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sanarudai 1-11,-5
Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00(17 is a great Thanksgiving:00Until )
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday、Year-end and new year holidays.

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