"Like bamboo Hall Cafe" coffee at healing space surrounded by Scandinavian vintage furniture

To sanarudai in a quiet residential area of Hamamatsu was opened by his wife 3/2018 "Like bamboo Temple coffeeAnd enjoy an ' to!

Here is、Like coffee, a master coffee roaster by himselfTakemura, who(Atsuto Takemura) Let's home roasting coffee beans shop owner to "whole bamboo Temple coffee" and、His wife as Japan Yoga Therapy society of certified Yoga therapist working women-only Yoga Salon enjoy Hermitage in the same premisesTomoko Takemura(Hiroko Takemura), I shop run by Mr. and Mrs.!

Building "Sun Studio" was helmed、White has been built using materials trend as natural wood texture、With a profound sense of herringbone floors placed Scandinavian vintage furniture attention owner、Play the goodness in a calm and cozy interior。Hamamatsu is not luxurious.

Moved to Lake sanaru early month。
This day became the second visit、 Near the new home roasting is fascinated by the world of Scandinavian vintage furniture caught a glimpse on the WEB site was started when I was looking for a shop & Café [55634] revisited!

The number of seats、3 blessing the shopkeeper politely BREW coffee counter seats and 11 table seats, was poised and relaxed。

The US couple's favorite seat、This is the ultimate that overlook the inner courtyard inviting seats!

Wall Denmark Takemura's favourite artist "Björn, Vin blood (Bjørn Wiinblad) "The works several floral splendour is、Has its adorable touch I fell in love at first sight!


On this day "like bamboo blend (pot)" 900 yen order "Apple tatancake limited" 650 Yen at the moment!

Original blend coffee is "normally、Thin、Dark order、De dark "and can choose in the fourth stage、Is provided according to the preferences of each person that loves coffee、In addition、Choose Cup or pot、3Cup of weak pot pour are excellent!

Coffee beans、Takemura's owner carefully、Organic beans and plantations、Using the body obsessed with how to grow green beans、With their roasted specialty coffee!

While waiting for the coffee one cup at a time to us visitors at dripp、While I saw furniture books collected during the tour by Takemura and blissful time!

Background music would dare volume sound soft、All "feel good" is the pursuit of。

Coffee prepared in a pot, Royal Copenhagen (Royal Copenhagen) And pour a Cup of Blue Line series、The fragrance fragrant HO! and lumps、Bitter taste、Sour、The mild flavor and richness balanced healed、You can spend the time rich!

"Apple tatancake" is available as a limited edition suites fall at his wife's homemade suites、Nagano Prefecture, chemical fertilizer and pesticide Apple used、Charm and less spice, sweetness、Became a lingering smell flavored with Calvados、Is moist and taste exquisite suites can enjoy adult!

That is of course perfectly suited for coffee and、If you would like with the suites、The next dark yet thought let us order!

Would't waist deep、Spawn the superlative comfort armchair、From the machined surface and repair until the replacement of the fabric in very nice condition, and 吹ki返shite breath、Arms fit gently into body、It's good when you can grow!

Takemura's obsession with space、"Happiness is felt more than anything else、Two people smile the best spices and、We offer delicious and peaceful time!

Also、At lunchtime、Such as menu to fine the intestine, dietary fiber、Menu cared about the body "like bamboo lunch" 1050 yen ~ also provided!

Thanks to the miracle of this lovely Cafe is in the neighborhood! Takemura's、I will also drop!

Like bamboo Temple Cafe and enjoy an (* yoga Salon is appointment only)
Address: Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sanarudai 4-28-26
Parking::10More than one
Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00(In lunch time:11:30-13:30-
Closed on Mondays:Day、Monday

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