"STANDOUT" Shizuoka open! Adult space gather like coffee and beer mania!

Intersection corner of Shizuoka city Green Park and Cho、2018Shop for craft beer and coffee, March 4, today marks Grand opening "STANDOUT(Stands out) "for we have been participating in the pre-open!

Here is、Masashi mochiduki operated apparel sales representative in Shizuoka "BOUTIQUE GALVO (boutique Garbo). (Masashi Mochizuki)Is it the was born as a new specialty stores and、Relocation of headquarters to the building and with the renewal of "garboviru"、Entering the restaurant business continued for many years imagining! From his incomparable coffee and beer、Aiming at the store can offer can satisfy their obsession with adult coffee and craft beer、Since last summer, plan it、That was 漕gi着ke to open at last!

Black building appeared on the crowded street crossing became the four-storey、Image of a renovation of the old building located in United States Portland、手掛kere Matsumura, Daisuke's 'SATURDAYS SECRET SERVICE (Saturdays secret service), the exterior and interior design we have more!

The standout is the STANDOUT、"Better、Human "next will be、From the word "stand"、You can draw the image of the microbrewery boom in recent years coffee stand and standing around feeling、In addition、According to the Visual balance of the logo of goodness、It was in the shop!

The pre-opening day、16:-22:、Invited guests flocked in all kinds of ways, showing much hustle and bustle、In the storefront decorated with brightly colored celebration flowers、政志, Garbo group staffers who welcomed us。

Received in the、Eco logo playing cards would be one drink ticket exchange service and the shop was drawn!

1On the floor is、One plate counter Teleca stand table in the Center, and 12 seats、From the eight with a tile wall tap handle、Weekly offers from Japan and the United States about craft beer brands!

Pre-open may、Refreshing makes for the youthful staff total of 6!

The coffee is、From peers and media attention、Shizuoka has coffeemaniafan many roasters "IFNi ROASTING & CO."By using the beans to roasting、Australia is Mai's Barista experienced in Melbourne in the heart、Adult series espresso menu variety。Whichever method in "LA MARZOCCO Linea2" espresso and drip on the menu, are provided to each Cup!

First of all,、Drink 1 cup of presenting a hanafuda ticket exchange service、I ordered the beer recommended!

TAP7:"Baird beer Temple garden yuzu ALE" of a dip made with fresh yuzu and TAP8:Coffee beans in addition to traditional stout beer、Just taste order of Yamanashi feel the taste of the coffee out rider Mahana coffee stout、Moisten my throat with a jerk at the counter! In a cup size and amount of service for her!

After listening to the recommended、Where as 950 Yen order 2 different craft beers and snacks 'prosciutto' 800 yen "kinds of 5 kinds of cheese",、2To be calm in the floor.。Here you will、Cash on delivery system has been introduced、You order at the counter and pay.

TAP1:"Yokohama Bay blue ing baywhite" Regular 980 yen
Peels and fresh juice of citrus in addition to secondary material、White ALE, slightly bitter, and a refreshing sense of fun!
TAP2:"ISE sumiya brewery NEKO NIHIKI" Regular 1100 Yen
Rarity value is highly popular New England-style IPA、Fruity scent with gentle sweetness is an attractive taste!

2The interior floor and furniture、Masashi's owner until now little gradually has been arranged and antique things, such as、Enjoy the hustle and bustle of people coming and going from the busy intersection while drinking on adult space!

And beams.、To finish、Fresh and delicious coffees have entertained、I ordered "Caffè latte" 460 Yen Barista Mai-Chan with latte art!

By using the roster to attract coffee Mania "IFNi coffee" a no-holds-barred roasting, Masakazu Matuba standout original blend coffee beans、The finished fine-grained, smooth texture "Caffè Latte"、Pretty painted heart and leaf、Most I stiff feel Coffee Time!

In front of the eyes、Although that conveniently spread out Park、Like enhancing co. as well as takeout menu、At lunch、Because it is offered four or five types of rye bread sandwich with、We also spend lunchtime with a delicious coffee!

Due to the trend of the times、In responding to business changes in apparel sales continue to specialize in the fashion industry、Masashi's own way with fashion style free continued to express has been。

This time、A new challenge to the food and beverage industry、Only in industries such as、"For living things and offering to trade" is to seek own in、Enhance the value of specialty stores、The new service proposals、And that leads to more customer satisfaction。 Although、 Spoke and so will be keeping food and beverage stores newcomers de amateur group therefore warmly support us!

Actually,、Garbo group、And the former workplace of memories was heavily decorated 20-somethings in my life、Masashi's owner、Young or younger when one of the adults affected by significant、Senior gave all sensibility and experience.

Both enliven the group could meet on the Miyoshi Masashi's younger sister, Mochizuki shizu step (Shizho Mochizuki)And I even was able to again play! At that time、Two people were in on the cloud for my ignorance in knowing both the right and the left in the fashion industry was longing, too young!

Not even 20 years after the era had been indebted to、Masashi's kakkoiiotona know a fun way of life yourself。Filled with sticking to his "STANDOUT (stands out)" is open today! Carried foot upon to Shizuoka!
STANDOUT (stands out)
Address:Shizuoka, Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, Cho 2-1-15 Garbo vil 1F&2F
Hours of operation:11:00-23:00

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