Home roasting Cafe surrounded by Woods 'for OORT CLOUD Coffee"四tsu池

Next to the lush green surrounding the four ponds in Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, y. City Park "四tsu池 Park"、As a carefully selected high-quality specialty coffee home roasting beans specialist stores opened at the end of June last year 2017 "For OORT CLOUD Coffee(Old cloud coffee) "to!


Here is、Cafe was originally Soude & Fujimori Masahiro's flower foo-rin (foolin')、A cafe and flower shop was operated with a florist's wife、The medium transfer、Found at this 四tsu池 close to the ideal Woods land、For design and design development cooperation would own in box、After that、Over the months of the date of、Attention most of the store and self billed was filled with shops.


The name "for OORT cloud (old cloud)、When you see images of the Oort Cloud, surrounding the spherical shell from Fujimori's was interested bodies in the solar system、From that hypothetical Celestial Group saw coffee beans、It was named with care!

Wang Chan of the stores often need to walk the park entrance that there、Casually walk along wooden deck terrace。

Because I spent time on roasting、Open from 12:00 PM.
High ceilings and airy store、Cafe seating、Guests can enjoy freshly brewed specialist coffee was roasted in roasting machines made in Germany!



This day is not Café、To buy coffee beans for the home party is first visited the、Here you will、There are services that will make tasting of all coffee beans being sold、Selecting the taste of coffee beans that you can!

From shallow parched, medium roast.、In addition to the specialty coffee of 5 species of dark roast、Decaffeinated species provides、Total of 6 different tasting time!

This time the、For dessert had planned the strawberry Daifuku、And Latin America and Nicaragua's superficial roast "limoncesio" 100 g 750 Yen、Africa will be ¥ 800 roast during Kenya's Embu district AA 100 g!

The "limoncesio" of Latin America Nicaragua shallow parched、Altitude 850 m-1150 m sourced the pacamara species of limoncesio farm in refining and natural、And the temperature would decrease over time、Floral and currant、Enjoy the aroma of Strawberry、On the right with intuition have matched with a light Berry dessert!

Africa is parched in Kenya's Embu district AA、At the altitude of 1500 m sourced are small producers of coffee beans、SL28's varieties、SL34、Ruiru11、Batian washed and quite、Enjoy the aroma of blackcurrants and grapes、Is an image of brown sugar flavor.、Enjoy a taste of the bitter taste bitterish、In the morning and usually purchased as a drink!


Instead of high-temperature of just what type of coffee is extracted、To be tasted at room temperature、From interesting flavors over the details and flavor can be found where it is。Us package order and then、In the meantime、Coffee books in one hand is waiting in the Cafe!


But Fujiwara's commitment and love for coffee talk in a calm tone and personality are very polite Concierge、Would be recommended for those who enjoy relaxing time with specialty coffee shops.

In the future、In the space at the back door、And his wife is active as a florist。Cafe and flower shop is birth going!

For OORT CLOUD COFFEE (old cloud coffee)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, y. 3-14-8
Hours of operation:12:00-17:00
Closed on Mondays:On Sundays、Monday

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