"L & # 8217s; the atelier du Thé KUKAI" Atelier presents to those who love tea!

A nice tea Shoppe in Iwata-Shi nakaizumi hideaway nestled quietly "L & # 8217s; the atelier du Thé KUKAI(Raturie_do_te_kuukai) ' to!

Here is、Even the most famous tea is kawane with tea wholesaler in your homeSuguru Kubota (Kubota Ai).、Pour the tea familiar from the childhood love、 Modern tea away and gotten that young people know and charm and value of tea、Let tea into daily life style and、Tea leaf shop handle the tea itself was brand new and。That was married to Iwata to Iwata-Shi Showa building "Mari"corner 9015 年 5 月 5 日、Small restaurant has been opened!

The name "KUKAI"、The introduction of tea to Japan and history dates back、806Planted at Mount Hiei, in from the Tang dynasty (China) brought back tea seeds and millstone, Kobo Daishi,KukaiThe take from the name that was named!

In the shop、Sencha kawane produced in your home、Brown rice tea、Roasted green tea、 And tea、Handling of China, Taiwan tea and tea leaves、In addition to "more tea-time to enjoy" and、The British experience of British students started making bread baked with provided、Gateau Chocolat of Matcha while river roots of powdered green tea in ground carefully and see Sencha Gateau Chocolat"and popular as travel agency specializing in tea baking!

Actually,、And how did I know this shop ever、2/3(Sat.)、4Event held in Hamamatsu City wholesale Hon (Sunday) to seeFlorentino in winter and summer 2018 "Rambling-hommatillandb ring"In the beginning have had the lemon cake was being opened at this、The gentle sweetness of fresh cake covered with the rich scent of lemon icing、Moved to the affinity and love where you can enjoy the aroma of bergamot tea "Earl Grey" is the reason why!(〃)Be Eulalia ')Delicious!!

To bother you to shops and、Both are like that from previous log of eating her husband had read about us and Taiwan、Boost conversation without feeling the first wall、Sterling and I's has been an arrangement of dried flowers with your friends
How many Inoue Yuki (Ikuno Inoue)Mr. could spend good time together would sample "of the kawane tea tea" and "Taiwan Ruby".

This time I tried various tea aroma、Sterling and I with a blend of the original rose hip shells and playable fennel and cardamom、We get a blend of ginger, such as 'SEEDS' 30 g 864 Yen。An exotic foreign smell、 Herbal body from hot and spicy flavor.

Iwata "language plus art" and her fit familiar atmosphere with antique store design、It is a cozy space! Cute packaging design of tea leaves or Tea bagNakano h. Bill (Haruyo Nakano)And I'm in the Center宿里 Hiroshi (Hiroshi Yadori)And it also has been involved、Ideal for small gifts, etc!

Also、As an instrument related to tea Teacup teapot "Southern pottery Park" and "fourth market".、In addition、Are sold with tea cake such as accompany and bean dish、Because it is full of tea items、Come feet carried it!

L & # 8217s; the atelier du thé KUKAI (raturie_do_te_kuukai)
Address:Iwata nakaizumi 1,267 - 4 Showa building
Hours of operation:11:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Day、Moon、On Tuesday

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