Kukai ISA Cafe--traditional taverns and cafes of the cozy shop!

Representing the Fukuroi Cafe & dining "IZACAFE coo-kai? Izakafe Kukai"To!

Oki, the owner canTakehara Nikko Quaternary (Okinori Takehara)Her dreams and Tokyo aim、In addition to the training of the kitchen staff and bartenders、Stacked experience, such as Hall management and store renovation、2003May desire "to work in a place surrounded by things like" how they strummed along with staff in a self build "IZACAFE Kookai coo-kai?"Is now opened in 15 years、Your prospecting antenna hipster、Always like exciting and cozy balance keeps on giving and、To store loved by locals and regulars and growing!

In "IZACAFE" under the name "IZAKAYA + ZAKKA+CAFE" on and coined the term meaning a、 Aiming at the space to feel comfortable, such as grocery store taste of traditional taverns and cafes、2014Introduced the Naples kilns in the ' Attico Pizzeria! (Pizzeria attico) "by the extended menu、2016Enjoy home-made bread and meat bar as a sister store, a new "PAN de NIQ ~ pandenic ~"Also opened、The expanding business!

On this day、I've always been back shopping for home roasting coffee beans shops to visit on a regular basis, "blister and Japanese restaurant at lunchtime!

The menu is、 Each 900 yen with soup and salad "pasta" and "wood-fired kiln pizza Ranch".、Soup, salad and bread me with beef lunch, 1500 Yen、You can choose from main premium lunch 2100 Yen with 4 courses with small pasta plate appetizer!

I order spaghetti with dry shrimp and Leek "pasta" and "Margherita" "wood-fired kiln pizza Ranch.、1One is to +300 yen、Soup and salad appetizer plates instead of four!

Although the mini salad、Is is also filling salad with prosciutto、Pumpkin soup is served in espresso cups are rich and satisfied!
Appetizer Plate "Frittata、Escabeche、Caponata、Green Salad、Marinated sauce、Salami "and am amazed at the height of the CP here!
The sweet flavor of dry shrimp and Leek is good oilpasta smack while、Cornicione plump and swollen, I dust a pizza、Us drooling with Chili oil and Spice becomes a habit、We enjoyed and her husband share with two people!

Just、Attended children's school open house and back crazy Oki's and also meet、You could exchange information and take! Oki's from a few years ago in Hamamatsu also view the planned new challenges not in the fun! Are cheering!

IZACAFE Kookai coo-kai?
Address:868-4 YUI Ichikawa Fukuroi, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:Lunch11:30-14:00、Dinner18:00-23:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday

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