Cafe "cafe soco" huge warehouse was renovated, surrounded by green

Hamamatsu renovated a huge warehouse built in a residential area in Tenno-cho, Higashi Ward.、Opened on September 28 last year.Tenno cafe soco, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu(Cafe Soco)!

Here is、Based in Hamamatsu, restaurants are also developed in Nagoya and other places.、"Japanese rice TororoyaIt is a representative of the "Food Forest" which is operated, such asAi Moriguchi (Ai Moriguchi) (Ai Moriguchi)Become a cafe that was launched by Mr.、Renovation of the warehouse、Ai's brother.、Architectural design and interior design、Including furniture sales, etc.、We have been involved in a lot of store design,Hiro furnatureHas been a representative ofAkihiro MoriguchiLet's charge。

It's simple in antique clothes、By renovation of "hiro" that the making to feel nostalgia and warmth somewhere becomes a popular taste、
I reproduce splendidly by taking advantage of the characteristics of the warehouse without decoration、It's blown into life!

A parking lot is also spacious in front of the warehouse.、My favorite car is also taken care of "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"MASERATI Granturismo Sport MC Auto-shift" was also able to park without difficulty!

The warehouse with the ceiling height has a relaxed sense of openness、In the open kitchen overlooking the kitchen、The smile of the lovely female staff who dress edinats in a matching uniform is very refreshing!
The sofa seats where small children can relax and the second floor seats overlooking the downstairs are also very popular!

Here you will、Healthy deli plate lunch becomes very popular with women、You can choose from "Healthy Deli Plate (1,380 yen)" or "Light Meal Plate (1,580 yen)"!
Both from "8 types of deli"、Choose two of your favorite dishes and serve them on one plate.。
"Light Meal Plate" is、In addition, it will be added to choose one product from [four types of light meal]。

Both lunches are either "Boulangerie Lamp" or "Homemade Miso Onigiri with 15 Grain Rice"、In addition、Healthy "Soy Milk Vegetable Soup" and "Soft Drink" will be set♪.

In "Healthy Deli Plate"、We chose "Short Pasta with Shrimp and Tomato (Genovese)" and "Nanban-zuke of persimmons" with an emphasis on healthy coloring.、In "Light Meal Plate"、"Pork Vapool Ginger Negi Sauce" and "Homemade Roast Beef" and "Homemade SpiceD Chicken" from light meal、
On parade of meat, meat and meat、I made it to the plate which can be satisfied even by a man!

A green salad with plenty of、With organic olive oil or herb salt、In addition to the selected deli、"Homemade Carrot Lape" and "Anchovy and Black Pepper Potato Salad"、The feeling of volume becomes a moderate feeling, too.、
You can also enjoy "Original Sweets" by adding +300 yen to lunch♪.

The girl's rate is high.、A peaceful mood drifts、It becomes a cafe where laughter is constant.、You can spend a refreshing lunch time♪

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