"The Grand America Hotel" Harp music and afternoon tea

Situated in the center of the United States of America Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City) five star hotel "Grand America Hotel (The Grand America Hotel) "The Grand, elegant lobby lounge (Lobby Lounge) to spend a afternoon tea time!

Time 13:00 PM-available from 15:30。

every day、Beautiful music Harp music took place on time、Mind in soothing soft tones elegance kneels a luxury time。Seems to enter the live piano music in the evening.

At first、And the white-haired gentleman refreshing staff Blair's wine hot water poured into us、Fluffy out and makes me comfortable to relax mode crafts tea blossom-scented.

Drinks are、I ordered coffee and Café latte。On the table、With Strawberry Jam and whipped cream with plenty of glass cake featuring on the set、Is a service form an early adopter who drink Cup and cake size are very sweet in a Big Size.

"Afternoon tea (Afternoon Tea) $ 28 (Japan Yen:About 3080 yen) ",、3Stands at the beginning from the top、In the next and dessert.
Is the first step of the top、Olives and cucumber finger sandwiches、Bruschetta caponata、Ham Hamburger、Brioches and、Basil and tomato beef sand、And black pepper macaroons。
2The second stage、Plain scones and cranberry、1The first Berry jam and lemon curd、And savor your favorite cream!

After eating light meals around the suites can be carried three-stand!
None in phthisis easier to eat and、White chocolate & BlackBerry PTI told、
Citrus Madeleine and cranberrycookiechocolatomoose & Blueberry、Chocolate & Strawberry macarons、Will Cranberry & passion fruit gummies.
We ended up stuffing on top、And the desert had left the room can take let me want to tell、
Counterpart gave us packed in gift box。Here is、I want to taste slowly while enjoying a coffee in your room.

On the way、Photo with floor Manager have been greeting each table Robert ♪ very gentleman gentle smile nice one!

Enjoying afternoon tea、In the seat next to the small amorousness boys hat and is dressed in a suit while the kids and a nice family dinner、The time spent in close harmony and peaceful and was impressed.

Without having to worry about time、A blissful afternoon tea and can spend an elegant first class hotel!

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