Chelsea tacos and Salsa "Mama Chu's" cuisine Mexico's staple food.

"Zennoa(Senna) "on weekdays next week after launch events (Launch Event)、Later insist the personal meeting at its headquarters in Orem (Orem)、Can be served as a Chief of marketing as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)David Kasteler(David desigh) along with the Lunch Time!

Mexico restaurant located near the head "Mama Chu's(MOM chews) "popular tastes and David introduced me!

Interior is spacious and offer、In the mud and terms of Mexican and gadgets there are tempted to、A simple space is decorated with wood carving。

As an appetizer、"Chips & Salsa (Tips & Salsa "in appearance.
Salsa is a versatile source of Mexico.、Has become an integral part in the Mexico cuisine、Each of our restaurants、Have each family depending on taste of salsa。
This salsa is fresh tomatoes is used in abundance、The best in taste the spiciness of the chili becomes a habit! So Delicious!

I am also featured David、"Chicken Enchiladas (Chicken enchiladas).。In dishes wrapped in corn tortillas, stuffed with fillings、In filling various types by、This year's choice chicken!
A mellow flavor stewed Mexico vines very healthy source!
Mexico United Mexican Pilaf was accompanied, is very satisfied with 1 plate!

The gentlemen who、Topped with enchilada to represent Mexico in addition to food and "tacos"!
Texture and crunchy tortillas fresh leafy vegetables and tomato in with plenty of cheddar cheese and crunchy texture you can enjoy!

Drinks are、Mexico's special rice juice "horchata(Horchata)"And"Coca Cola"。
The horchata、In the juice made in Mexico、And sweet drinks containing milk and cinnamon、And drink common in Mexico.

Diet with plenty of vegetables, usually from、David is committed to a healthy lifestyle is recommended gave Mexico restaurant、It was a very healthy and delicious restaurant! Thank you,David!

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