"Mandarin Oriental Taipei" "The Mandarin cake shop" Suites to please gift!

"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"In the courtyard
"The Mandarin Cake Shop"Now、
Stately splendor and various pastry becomes complete.、Sticking to cakes and homemade bread、Desserts are provided。
2015 DecemberThe new as Executive Pastry Chef
Young talentedGregory DoyenGreeted、
For the suites were carefully finished。
Eat in the courtyard terrace provides a pleasant。
This time the2016/1 JanuaryThe interviewed for、Prepare for the Chinese new year's "Spring"The objects are on display、
So for a limited time with the、I recommend taking place as well.



MOTPE_Amour-Zhen love

Talented 31-year-old and youngGregory DoyenThe、
France Burgundy、Born in sonuelovar、
Young or younger about to realize a dream、Embark on a career as a pastry chef。
France's Michelin three-star "Le Grand Véfour"With the experience based on、
Turning to the world、Russia、United States、The stack discipline across China and the world、
2015 DecemberTo seeMandarin Oriental Taipei"The、
And evaluate the talent of creativity with its proven experience of his、
"The Mandarin Cake Shop"of
And welcoming as the Executive Pastry Chef、Where I am today。


To shop in the store、It's immediately noticeable、
A distinctive and colorful shades uncluttered wall original package box。
This shades and variations to get heart comes the exciting moments!
Take out the cake wish gift box、
Cylinder type which seems to hold the hat box。
Colorful shades、Purple / blue、Pink x Red、Blue / yellowSuch as、
You can choose any combination、Select Ribbon color is available.


Marketing Communications ExecutiveBellona MaTo introduce it to you.

1 tablet of chocolate and Praline:NT $ 80 (Yen Japan:About 290 yen)
Macron 1 various:NT $ 90 (Japan Yen:About 330 yen)
(Each requires separate gift box fee)

Becomes in all 12 different types of chocolate、
9Pieces、16Pieces、36There are pieces in gift box。
You want to try all types with more than 16 is required!
Also、9The pieces below are available for purchase、Gift box charges may vary、Try to buy。
Macaroons are delicious.、Unfortunately does not last for、Best chocolate if you bring back to Japan.


Of the staffRuby ChaoWas wearing a cute Ribbon for gift! (Xie Xie! )
Unique colorful package is aligned and、
To a brilliant original gift box is very nice、I think surely pleased also the giver.


"Chocolate (chocolate)" 16 pieces 1280 TWD (Japan Yen:4610 JPY)
1Various types of grain:NT $ 80 (Yen Japan:About 290 yen)
* Separate gift box's

Pistachio praline cherry confit (pistachio Praline cherry confit)、Sansho (Japanese pepper)、Piemonte (Piedmont)、
Ginger Noir (gingernovar)、Kumquat gel (kumquat)、Formosa (Formosa:Pink guava)、
Raspberry Valentine's Day limited (Valentine's day limited rasberry)、
Caramel yuzu (yuzu caramel)、Arabica (Arabica)、Peanut praline (peanuts Praline)、
Nougatine (nougatine)、Alishan Oolong Alishan Mountain oolong

And cute heart Valentine's limited edition raspberry Center
Formosa love (pink guava) into diagonal、To me package you can enjoy coloring! (Xie Xie)
Go to Japan、
And they try to Taiwan like the suites like friends、
"I want to make gifts for those special!"And the quality of the package, including、It looks、Taste was both very impressed!
And beams.、As always pleases souvenirs、It is like we recommend chocolate。
Now、Next in line、Hotel 5th floor all dining Italian restaurant
"BENCOTTO"To stop、Introduce friends sommelier!

The Mandarin Cake Shop
TEL: +886 2 2715 6789
Hours of operation:8:00-21:00(Moon-Earth)、8:00-19:00(Day、Public holidays)

Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:Dunhua North Road, Songshan district, Taipei City 158
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

Dunhua North Road, Songshan district, Taipei City 158

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