Engaged in by hand in the hinterland of Zhujiang new town bike shop organic cafe


Under a perfectly fine, invigorating blue sky、Streamers were fluttering sandfish and swim on wind power。Shinjo Outback made hand high plateau at the foot、Nestled in an idyllic landscape、Bike shop was built with only wood and soil "Salone del Monte"Let's be。And the Salone del Monte、In Italy, it means "the Salon of the mountain"、Healthy fun and delicious、And proposes a beautiful lifestyle Salon concept。


On the 1st floor of bike lovers flock to this bike our commitment is sort、Atrium is a big fireplace chimney towers、Exudes a warm wooden structure and presence。


And up the wooden stairs、During the bike accessory or product line、As a cycle Cafe organic grown coffee "Le Café"And the aroma Salon 'Rosa Naturel"And、Occasionally、It is where you will find acting and his wife Rosa's home cooking。It is utilized as a community square gather from afar how to go biking enthusiasts and friends.


The owner of this、When Kuroda Takeshi (aka Leon) Yi asked to interview、With his wife, Rosa who、To see original hamburger"! See in this picture without leprosy of the Nice、It is big in fact surpass the Palm Burger。Mr LEONG has been living in America for many years。And wanted to reproduce a hamburger was eating lunch in a restaurant in the United States、Days of the original、Panoply idea was completed that。Took half a year to close to the ideal for vans one is called。That you would be ahead of time to book his wife Rosa's is so and prepared、So like a "whim" menu only、Sorry about that (laughs) Rosa's love of food、We make when meeting France in the hands of young people、Fingers to the bone, it is treated with home cooking。Did not fit the mouth of France、And use locally grown vegetables、If Japan food、Natural food is mostly referred to as。By the way France's product manager at method、Japan tea taste.、Japan favors good so I'm ♪ had in the four-hour interview while slowly into his mouth filled with big burgers and keep! Thank you thank you very much for a long time!


Whipped cream with consomme soup vegetables。


Organically grown coffee 450 Yen

And use of organically grown beans、Spread the aroma of freshly ground coffee to BREW one cup at a time shop、While in the solid wood table、There are pleasant and peaceful。I got to interview、We post here "Thoughts on the bike is、7After years as the "ETALON" was born!"

Salone del Monte and Le Café
Aichi shinshiro tsukude Kurose-shimoyama 37-30

Aichi shinshiro tsukude Kurose-shimoyama 37-30

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