「Honey!Honey!!"A healthy lunch had centered on fresh vegetables in Viking


Balanced food fun sectionAnd it's grounds today2015May 20, (Wednesday)The food court was born in newRecreation zone
And centered around fresh vegetables for healthy food
Hand-made pizza and pasta、Dessert、Further you can enjoy roast siphon coffee shops。
Please note that opening hours vary from each of its shops.
For recreation and relaxation zones please refer links below!

Fukuroi to birth! The Court can enjoy balanced food fun section food and siphon coffee!



Brick and mortar store in Fukuroi 新池 "Honey!Honey!!"Is it's no.2 store!
Healthy food using local fresh vegetables and、She loved Okonomiyaki in honey、
Provides a lunch salad or side dish to enjoy with plenty of biking Maine to choose。
At lunchtime15oclockFar and long、A little late but in time for.


Special menu Board for the day are listed。
Open on the first day "Balanced recreational set"ofStew HamburgerMost popular in、
I ordered it!


Has become a smorgasbord of healthy dishes with fresh vegetables、Has been kodawara to homemade dressing and all。
Plate tray as you like it is possible!


"Honey!Honey!!"The owner and his wife:Suzuki artistic IIIAnd cumSuzuki Yusuke kashimoChan

Hold the smile of a bodhisattvaKozoCum and energetically adorableShuChan,、
2Just to even striking children、Best family as is the epitome of good good Papa Mama。
To provide for safe and secure food and cooking by many people、And then they do their best and are being worked on。
2IKEA store openings for the machines to a new challenge、Cheer heartily!
KozoMr、ShuChan、Take care body only, I!


Black Bean Tea

Black Bean Tea health tea in anti-aging and skin-whitening effect with effect in women。
Scent of the fragrant beans is rising、Is clutter-free and easy-to-drink tea!


"Salad & deli buffet"

Cold tofu tofu Nakayama、Pickled Chinese cabbage、Simmered hijiki seaweed、Cabbage salad with light、
Esyaletto miso who、Will salt malt and plum vinegar dressing salad with assorted vegetables。
Enjoy plenty of fresh vegetables, tender and flavorful dish full of flavor!


Balanced relaxation set "Hamburger stew" 1200 Yen

合挽ki meat of cow and pig 7.:3In large stew hamburger finished moist and tender with。
Served with vegetables、Crunchy lettuce in broccoli、Cherry tomato、Is a hard boiled egg。
Hung with a sweet sweet Demi-Glace sauce、Goes well with rice.


"Japanese style soup with rice and vegetables"

White rice Brown rice and millet、Barnyard grass、Acne、Pearl barley、Barley、Black rice、Red rice、Amaranth、Mixed with grains such as quinoa, cooked rice、Brodetto。
Vitamins and minerals、It includes many nutritional value, such as dietary fiber、It is very healthy.


"Most big pig ball" 750 Yen

Boasts homemade combination using any additives in meat stick
Hamamatsu "Most significant"Is it the premium using pork also like grilled。
In the rough cut our dare to enjoy the feeling of eating vegetables、Use plenty of pork filled with sweetness and flavor。
The main volume is also rich in、Vegetables eat hard to ingest quite a lot!
Those seeking a healthy lunch is recommended.

Honey!Honey!!Balanced food fun department store
3-3 yamana-Cho, Fukuroi-city, Shizuoka TEL:0538-43-9233
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

3-3 yamana-Cho, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka

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