Fukuroi to birth! The Court can enjoy balanced food fun section food and siphon coffee!


Fukuroi stationThanWithin a 5-minute walkThe farm stand is "Balanced food fun section"Mr.。
Provided products boast of just your local agricultural producers of the Park in the morning、
As well as vegetable、Local products, fish、Meat lined the shelves、At the local supermarket
Will handle the safe ingredients that producers and processors of the original farmer's market。
Such a thing、Today on the balanced diet Club's premises2015May 20, (Wednesday)In the relaxation zone as newFood CourtWas born!
130UnitsWhat you have spacious parking is equipped、Access from afar is safe!


Terrace food court

The terrace of the relaxation zone、6For 8 seater tables at even the umbrellas、
Provides a cozy time in the sun while relaxing space。
Here's terracePet-friendlyIt is because、Will be pleasing to all dog lovers!


Relaxation zone food court

Recreation zoneThe food court was named、And centered around fresh vegetables for healthy food
Hand-made pizza and pasta、Dessert、Further you can enjoy roast siphon coffee shops。
Please note that opening hours vary from each of its shops.



2961COFFEEWrote、Fukuroi coffee and read。
Known as homemade roasted coffee bean shop in Fukuroi "Blister and Japanese restaurant"Mr.First productionAnd、
Is a coffee shop where you can enjoy delicious espresso & siphon coffee。
For more information、We will introduce here the link below!

Enjoy a "2961 COFFEE" espresso and coffee siphon coffee Shoppe



Brick and mortar store in Fukuroi 新池 "Honey!Honey!!"Is it's no.2 store!
Healthy food using local fresh vegetables and、She loved Okonomiyaki in honey、
Provides a lunch salad or side dish to enjoy with plenty of biking Maine to choose。
Also got a lunch、We will introduce here the link below!

「Honey!Honey!!"A healthy lunch had centered on fresh vegetables in Viking


"Bella Massa Vera mass"

The original、Balanced food fun sectionHad been offered in Brazil pizza "Bella Massa Vera mass"Mr.。
Has known Mr. and Mrs. gentle Japanese Brazil、No Japan language no problem。
Were transferred to the newly established court in、
Mozzarella cheese with plenty of Brazil pizza and pasta、Lasagna、It offers such as gelato。
If you prefer smooth, milky taste of Brazil pudding!


Food Court in free space

In an open space in glass infused light and brilliant、
40-Spacious for up to 60。
That would be self service、Goods purchased in shops here served freely.


Just、Lunch break had been taken "Blister and Japanese restaurant"ofBeach alley, Akemi.
2961COFFEEBecome can help you seeCO Я EM - grocery klem-"The ownerMichiyo SanoChan along with 2 others
Could spend a fun lunch。
As the first open day fashion、
Women today "At the border!"And so a unified is not uniform。
Always bright, aggressiveMichiyoChan and
Do our utmost to support、As an Unsung Hero of the ownerBeach alley Park TakGong's wife holdingAkemiSan。
The two men met2961COFFEEAnd I also busy? (laughs)


Near popular café dining "IZACAFE coo-kai?"And
Adjacent pizzeria "Pizzeria Attico! Pizzeria attico"Sayako
OwnerTakehara XING QuaternaryAnd I also had been rushed to cheer up friends of Fukuroi。
Fukuroi members has been very important but next connection、
Are supported as rise entire Fukuroi is nice!

"IZA CAFE coo-kai?"The bars cafes and a cozy Cafe dining
New ' Pizzeria Attico! Attico pizzeria "authentic pizza making with wood-fired Neapolitan


"IZACAFE coo-kai?"The staff after lunch、As a late lunchtime visit, also took to cheer。
The food court at lunch time、15oclockTo have been operating for、Is recommended to be taken late lunch!


"Storehouse cloth people as first-class architect Office"ofKurata cloth Miki.
Gourmet Burger Shoppe "D-flat Dee flat"ofBlue Ryota-Kun took to cheer.。
Current、AokiCum、In front of the gate of Akihabara total main Yatomi will open new store design
Fabric warehouse personIs it to ask、He has been to assist construction。
携wareba making my own、I especially love?。
6Open earlyUntil the、It is a little more!


Italy restaurants nearby "Anello-Anello-"The owner/chefYamada Yoshio country-Kun ago lunch open took to cheer.。
The honey by honeySuzuki artistic IIIChased by before you open too、Oita would be tired、
Showed up excited minds hard to challenge a new!

In 'Italy restaurant Anello Anello feel free to pasta


"Balanced food fun section"

Every morning at nine.To open and、Fit shop、Fresh vegetables and local products、Local products、Fish、Meat and ♪
Hours of operation:9:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday


Balanced food fun sectionThe concept "Seasonal bright seasonal food"。
Hot and fresh、Hot on Facebook、Desire returning to eat are provided with fresh ingredients,。
Is gaining popularity as a direct sale producers who face looks!


Gardening specialty store "Petite Fleur"

Balanced diet ease of on-site gardening shops "Petite Fleur"Mr. a、
Arrange products and gardening goods、Foliage plants、Gardening Fancher is equipped with.


In the House in the Sun merged with bright skylights、Flowers of the season becomes complete.、Have been held several times a month arrangements classroom are also popular.
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00(* For the winter, 17.:30Until) closed:On Tuesday

Was opened as a place of rest where the people gatherBalanced food fun sectionIs it in the food court "Recreation zone"The、
You will be loved as a place where many smiles!
Check it out guys、Available lunch and fun time!

Balanced food fun section
3-3 yamana-Cho, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:9:00-19:00Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

3-3 yamana-Cho, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka


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