Casual gourmet shop by Mandarin Oriental Tokyo cafes


2014/3In the renewed "Gourmet shop by Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo"Mr.。
New logo is painted at the entrance、
Logo、Incidentally in the Muromachi, Tokyo Japan hotel is located "It"Design motif。
5Painted in colors 'It"The、Bread、Pastry、Cake、Seems that refer to grocery and Deli。
Shinichiro Ogata's SIMPLICITY is responsible for creative direction、
Logo design started.、Package、Uniform、Interior design and her total branding.。
The uniform design fashion brand 'Mina perhonen."Designer Akira MINAGAWA was responsible for Mr.、
Is the uniform image of Office is used in the logo.


A central street "Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower"1 floorThe shop is here、
From the classic images、Cafe style casual has been transformed into the cafe for sale。
Chuo-Dori side、Newly installed and open patio seating co. corner、Can be purchased here。
To sit in a glass with、And hot days in the Sun、When bad weather、It would be used to。
The appearance of Madame morning to nibble pan on the open terrace、Seems like a scenes in Europe.


The stylish interior in black and white, uniform、
France pastry chefLionel-bode RossSaid one workman, make the ganache, tart's decorations showcase、
The bread corner、In the Chief BakerYuji Ohashi Tetsuya,Are carefully finished by baked bread。
Bonbon de Chocolat uses high-quality cacao jams are handmade in the hotel and around the world、
The scented Chinese tea, original blend tea、Baked goods, etc.、There is a variety of items、Traveler gift choice!


Gift packaging is cute 1-popular products、All in the hotel's restaurant also offers、
We also have many times "Mandarin original blend tea"It is。
Goes well with any meal、Popular with a wide range of ages of blended tea、
In this particularly hot season、By far the most water is recommended!
Will be able to enjoy the high-quality tea with a rich aroma and a subtle sweetness.


Basic Shortcake except、Most are selling tart in tart sauce。
The tart was arranged to showcase、How very beautiful shades and looks tasty。
Is 2 people share with the slightly larger size, fun size。
Lemon tart with most popular、Using two kinds of lemon acidity difference、Sweet Italian meringue and Minister Mari、Exemplifies the deep taste。
The informal and casual buzz、Popular。
We stay above is complete at this。
When it comes to care again next time、I could tell you different!


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2-1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi Japan Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Gourmet shop by Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo
Hours of operation:7:30-20:00(On weekdays)、9:00-19:00(Weekends and holidays)
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