Mandarin Oriental Tokyo in a quiet, meeting a great sense tea corner


"MANDARIN ORIENTAL TOKYO Mandarin Oriental Tokyo"In Cantonese"SENSE sense"Is it to adjacent
"Sense tea corner"The、In the restaurant as well as decorated in the Interior of the modern China、
The number of seats is limited and serene space with relatively quiet for、In the private sense of、
Meetings on business, etc. would be very convenient to use the tea corner!


Window Vista is no longer nice beam、I particularly welcome evening、
Beautiful sky time lapse every changing from moment to moment and
You can enjoy the night view of the jewel studded start lights and glitter and big city!


Here you will、Hong Kong S.A.R. suites including Hong Kong S.A.R. traditional Chinese pastry, mango pudding, Almond Tea Cake、
Chinese tea full of commitment can enjoy rich variations!


Kuchiki Hiroshi, Magellan resorts & Trust Co., Ltd., President

On this day、The luxury resort hotels and high-quality travel planning
"Magellan resorts & Trust Co., Ltd."The President inKuchiki, h.Facebook and we will exchange information。
"Squeezed the target to high net worth individuals、Try aiming for quality management than the amount "and、Away with young, born in Toyama、
After the independence in Kanazawa、In all over the world to traverse、In the current Office expanded to Indonesia and Bali。
The early one focusing on the Asian marketKuchikiMr. a、To expand in Indonesia, including luxury hotel "Aman resorts"And signed a contract with、
To meet the needs of high net worth individuals、Attentive service to produce your own packages for sale、
Increase repeat visitors by improving their customer satisfaction。
In addition、Wealthy foreign tourists to Japan is to extend performance in inbound has been successful。


Previous、KuchikiMr. a、The reputational damage happened in eastern Japan after earthquake、And damage to much of the industry、
To save the suffering lopsided reputational damage in Japan "Travel volunteer project"Launch。

Travel volunteer projectAnd the、
Foreign travel and Japan nationwide、Charm of Japan still felt in the skin actually have reach the world、
Japan's true beauty、Told through the eyes of a 3rd person、Project aware to people all over the world.。
We received the traveller would be the project lead、
85Applicants from countries around the world、Comes down to what 1897。
At the same time、Supporters who supported this project from the domestic and international recruiting、
Money and goods (transport、Accommodation、Food and Beverage facilities、Travel Guide、Communications equipment、What it takes to carry out projects) through、
Supporters support the project with the project、The project advances。
Freelance writer was selected a finalist in theJamie rafertMr. photographerKatie MorrisonIs it a British couple、
To all 47 prefectures of Japan, Japan100DaysEven the migratory journey、The daily experiences and thoughts and delivery information on blogs and facebook、
Are we managed to gather many tourist who fans from overseas。

Between Japan and overseas、Thank you for Kuchiki-San will be energetically as travel consumers valuable time and。

Magellan resorts & Trust Co., Ltd.


We have used a corner following meetings as well.


Hotta Shinichi's President and Japan private equity co., Ltd.

Previous、Had been indebted to "Japan private equity co., Ltd."The President inShinichi HottaWith the reunion。
Japan private equity co., Ltd. (JPE)、In Japan, "small and medium enterprise sectors (Small-cap)"
As a pioneer of buyouts (Buy-Out) Fund、
Neutral credit shareholders and investors more confidence in the background、
Is managed by the "business succession and business restructuring fund" specializing in high-quality medium-sized investments。
For the owner companies suffer from "succession" and "restructuring" as a separate subsidiary and business unit、
Solutions through the Fund's offer、Has been aimed at the realization of the company's survival and enhance the corporate value。
Brief description andModern Edition goodwill aidIs the company making!


Previously had been indebted to another15Years agoOf that。
YetHotta.Japan Asia investmentThe time had been the Director。
The passage of time is early、15Never quite as calm and gentleHottaMr. failed!

RecentHottaMr. a、Just、As has been engaged in Toyohashi small business project、
On a regular basis all the way how to Toyohashi legs carried seems。
So much trouble、Views have stopover would be able to meet in Hamamatsu.

Japan private equity co., Ltd.


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2-1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi Japan Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Senstee corner
Hours of operation:11:30~ 26:00(On weekdays)、11:00~ 26:00(Weekends and holidays)
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