Mandarin Oriental Taipei 3 cardboard cake stand is of the popular "the Jade Lounge '


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"And it's into the Hall on your right、Of refined elegance that coexisting "The Jade lounge"By providing、Is the ideal place to spend moments of rest, a futanoon include。Afternoon tea was only part on the afternoon ago.、In the current、12:00-14:30And14:30-17:00The two divisions and、Visit much more widely.


「Flower Bunch」Hyun-Ok Park (Korea)

Artists in Korea "Hyun-Ok Park"Just paintedCherryThe painting with title "Flower Bunch"Two and hung、I feel the early spring。Mandarin Oriental TaipeiIs it the hotel、Approximately1,700PointOne piece is decorated、Seems to be part of a collection of owners like himself.


The Jade lounge

Peacock (Peacock)The theme "The Jade lounge"The、In a space decorated in soft pink beige and elegant Royal Blue、The high-quality carpet、Beautiful wings to hover a hugePeacockWill appear、On the Central round sofa、I feel that tickled the hearts of women, all hand-sewn Pearl decorated the finesse and elegance。The cushion of textilePeacock featherUsing Motif、In the light of the realPeacock featherInclude the、ThroughoutPeacock imagesNoiseless、There was the same touch of.


Flower decorated on the wall、Designed in the USA、British craftsmen hand-carved and then brought。Its design is emphasized in a natural landscape、Stunning I would 零rete sigh.


Here you will、Taiwan tea、As tea in your room "Thé Cha Cha (Cha-chate)"The tea brand, including、France tea "KUSUMI TEA (ksmiti)' Has been used.


In addition、3Tray cake standIn the popular menu is available。As one of the items symbolize the afternoon tea is a popular tea stand admiration of women also say that!


Enjoy the Queen-like feel with high back。


Front Office ManagerYoshimoto nobuhisa (Yoshimoto's Obon.)And I'm on your time、I learned a variety of information in the Mandarin's current。Yoshimoto,、Previous "Mandarin Oriental Manila"Is it to work after、TaipeiOf experience in the luxury hotel、When you open this as a staff member set up staffed with come。Now "Mandarin Oriental Manila"Mr. a、Due to obsolescence of the building, and closed sales、5Years afterOf2020 yearFor the opening and the construction is。5Years after、Are there come in you want to!


In n.1AnniversaryHave you tried toMandarin Oriental TaipeiMr. so、FutureJapanese guests likeWhen you pick up、Are familiar with the culture of Japan staff mobilization started.、Attentive service so that is based。In terms of non-hospitality、The unique design and unparalleled in other hotels、The owner who's heard projections。Japanese staffYoshimotoAnd I'm getting、Staff speak fluent Japan language was Mandarin, currently have about 5 people.、Seems to have kept in mind will take the initiative, Japan Japanese-speaking staff augmentation。Japanese enthusiast owner who led、Mandarin Oriental TaipeiIs it of staff it is their hospitality、For the Japanese、Seems very comfortable。Now、Next in line、For such a nice hotelSuite roomAnd we will introduce.

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Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888


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8Regal building, built European-style looks good、Color of the East and the West、An elegant design that combines tradition and modern rooms boast of Taipei's largest。In the staff、Recommended hotels can stay here in the!

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