Taste the coffee BREW Fika Fika Cafe Nordic while world champion


MRTOfSongjiang Nanjing station (would this kind of interdiction station:Songiannanjinjan)Of4 ExitFrom
5 minutes on footOfYitong ParkThe aura of a Nordic in front "Fika Fika Cafe"。
The coffee culture has evolved significantlyTaiwanNow、Café serving delicious coffees can be found all over the place。
Among them、Scandinavian coffee competitions "Nordic Barista Cup"In the、
Espresso DivisionAndNordic roaster 2013In he won laurelsWorld Champion James Chen.、
With the same hobbyMaggieMr. Café launched together here!


"Fika (FIA)"SwedishIn "A little break"That is the meaning。
Fika Fika CaféThe spacious space、
Sequence at intervals in neutral shades with simple white wooden floors and tables clear、
You can feel the atmosphere of the Nordic。
Coins of the open kitchen is designed to、Is the counter.、A coffee with scones or tarts、And a pound cake、
As a snack, such as Panini sand branch also provides until 2 pm!

This day suggest specialty coffee menu Board


Staff I contact to suggest、On this day of specialSpecialty coffeeThe two choice
Kenya AA Extra BoldAndCostaRica DP vest interest depreciationI ordered!




Coffee beans、Coffee maker、Organic ingredients、All brand design、
Of the ownerJames Chen.MaggieLet's be strummed, pouring time and power in the two original。
At all times、Also the roasted beans are sold、Uncomplicated and has a beautiful color is a stylish package design。
In Japan、200gFrom the many stores selling、
Here you will8Oz (ounce) about 227 g inNT $ 380 (Japan yen and then around 1,500 yen)As it has been sold!


The Café here is、Is very popular.、But it is always crowded、
Free seat at the table for a little wait、Can sit on the terrace overlooking the Park in front of the eyes.


Kenya AA Extra Bold NT $ 350 (Japan yen and then around 1,370 yen)
CostaRica DP vest interest depreciation NT $ 330 (Japan yen and then around 1,290 yen)


2One cup that has come out in the plate、Both are derived from the same coffee beans。
The Bohemia、Enjoy the fragrance in the water coffee、Hot and enjoy the taste.。
Not that smelled like、As a refreshing cool sweet smell、
But the added flavor、Spout in the crisp clean and good wines to fragrant fruity taste and aroma spreads。
This is、It's characteristic of the Scandinavian coffee。
1Cup1,000CircleWell overSpecialty coffeeThe、
So it is usually as a drink, remember you can't win、Had a good experience!
Now、Next in line、Taipei's premier gourmet and sundry becomes complete.、LeeVisit cum goodYong Kang City (yonkange)To go!

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Fika Fika Cafe
Taipei City yitong Street 33 No. 1 House TEL:02-2507-0633
Hours of operation:Monday-Friday 8:00-21:00、SAT, Sun 10:00-21:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

Taipei City yitong Street, 33rd floor

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