Great lunch buffet organic Café "KAGIYA CAFE cagiyacafe


As the building where young creators in the Hamamatsu City、CASA BRUTUS kirsabrutasSuch as to attract the attention, picked up 'KAGIYA building"The organic café as a 2 F201311 / 11 (Mon)In the newly opened "KAGIAA CAFE cagiyacafe"Mr.。Bookstore in the building "BOOKS AND PRINTS"Ms France gadgets"Violet violet"Facebook and will be on the same floor。The Café here is、(Organic)And the main menu、Monday-Friday lunch-time provides the buffet course which deals。A buffet-style lunch、11When half-and 14 o'clock alone like me! Only780Circle! in、Handmade bread by using domestically produced wheat with menu and salad bar、And offers various home-roasted coffee drinks are chemical-free organic and 100% fruit juices、All-you-can-eat-and-drink Ranch great value for money. The ownerOgata KoichiroMr. aCo., fellowsOf the President、Located in town "Le paradis Le Paradis' , 'Japanese-style bars Black"Such as run and 5 food and beverage stores、2014/11Is also another 1 stores newly opened will be ready in busy working!


Shop、And 20 seats or so around the four walls、And headed to the window counter、It is sunny you can spend teatime while peering through the hustle and bustle of the City Cafe。A buffet-style lunch、To enter the shop and ushered me into the seat、So come put the dish tray、Dishes on the counter, each has become a system as you like to go。Drinks are、Each can be ordered in、Fresh and delicious organic fresh coffee、Tea、Cocoa、Green tea latte、100%The guests can enjoy such as fruit juice。Is your accounting、Stores and when it is、Per person780CircleAnd surprises of high cost price is too!


Immediately、Lined up on the counter salads and Panini、The ransacked pizza etc etc.。Panini is available to your favorite toppings。Enjoy the taste of the food itself tender and flavorful Panini.、If you like, served with special sauce across!


Types of domestic wheat bread roughly 20 different types provides。Bread or bread、Whole wheat French toast, pizzas, etc.、None are so delicious, I don't know。500In yen to buy takeaway boxes and stuffed with unlimited bread in, so you can take it out.








On this day、France grocery store next door "Violet violet"And it happened here and together have Cafe au lait Bowl exhibition being held at the friends、To befriend Ranch。The recent、Many events in various elaborate and fun! There was talk。Or better yet、I moved to the city? I speak out, guys! (Lol)


Panini sandwiches and salads

Panini sandwiches with chicken ham and tomato and scrambled eggs and salad。Easy to eat with whipped cream、Volume is perfect!


'Soup'Onion soup。


Coffee Santos Chocolat

10Enjoy a coffee in more than、Per order fur to the freshly brewed coffee one cup at a time。Our original blend and a unique organic coffee。So drink、Enjoy the many flavors。I had my、Santos Chocolat oddities known as chocolate。Kinda tired since I was、Chocolate-deep, sweet flavors and in Bangkok was very helpful! Lunch buffet 11-and since from the early hours、Also Ogata, would slowly and enjoy (lol)、Feast we did! I look forward to tasting the new store also.

KAGIYA CAFE cagiyacafe
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 229-13 KAGIYA Bldg 2F TEL:090-1474-6352(Ogata h. Ichiro)
Hours of operation:10:00-25:00(Lunch buffet Monday-Friday 11:00-13:30-
Closed on Mondays:On Sundays、Holidays

229 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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