English conversation class in 'cafeterassimon' will be held on Monday at meetings.


Perfumed the nostalgic old town relishes coffee shop in town "Cafeterassimon"Mr.。Enjoy the aroma of home-roasted coffee、Spaghetti in the Cafe Royal menu、Rice pilaf、Doria、Curry、Shop popular sandwiches.。2On the floor、Hamamatsu 1 old pool hall "Triumph billiards"Offers。Is the English school started here in 1997.、17Years later than Monday 19:30"Glass in English! Hamamatsu English village"Bid and、Many people learn English。Admission fee is、And become a member once a 1,000 yen (annual fee:3,000Circle) and in、The drinks are charged separately、Favorite drink is in 2 and a half hours meeting。Many of the foreign、Everything is English and conversation in the classroom here and、It is the perfect place to learn English everyday。Young and old alike、Any country、World of flurry of English you are?!


On this day、Have attended this schoolSeiji YamauchiIs advisable to cum and asked tour。1997In Australia and、Seiji-Kun who has traveled all over the world。At that time、We live in the world as an essential language is learned English desperately。Now,、Listening skills that has grown up to be audible differences between different countries with little intonation。Have a heart and passion wherever you are with someone, the language barrier and also feel he is、It should never gave the English talk。That really is.。Although, I do so every time we go on a trip abroad、Not quite utsusete to run。Japan also speak easily teach a good time... such a teacher come in and want to learn what it is (laughs)


"Blend" 400 Yen

Even ignoring the conversation in English flurry in the store catch、Dining room, dreaming that someday without hesitation to speak! Seiji-Kun、Thanks for introducing thank thank!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 318-20 TEL:053-452-7508
Hours of operation:Moon:10:00~ 16:00、Tue-Thu:10:00To 18:30、Fri-Sat:10:00~ 1:00

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku town relishes 318-20

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