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From Hamamatsu station within walking distance from Tower-apartment D & # 8217s; s Tower 1F2014April 30th (Wed)To open New York styleSpecializing in pancakes"MARK & # 8217s; S CAFE Marx Cafe"Mr.。New York styleIs characterized by the use of pancakes with little sweetness.、Here we are served two kinds of pancakes made with homemade ricotta cheese and nutritious whole grains.。Both use plenty of meringue、Fluffy souffle-type pancakes。It is said that the dough is made and baked after receiving the order.。And as another sale here、Both in terms of art and taste, the appetite is inspiring.Eggs Benedict!It is also provided。What is Egg Benedict?、ingredients such as ham or bacon or salmon in half of the English muffins、Put a poached egg on top of it.、Dishes with hollandaise sauce。Hollandaise sauce、It is well known in the sauce of white asparagus, etc.、Mellowness and rich creamyness is a very popular sauce for girls。Since it was opened、Reputation among fashionable girls has gained a reputation、FacebookI want to visit once because it is one of the cafes that I see really well in the post of、ladeI have decided to visit you♪


Shop、6 L-shaped counter seats and 20 table seats。Create an open space with a color full of cleanliness。The board at the top of the counter is decorated with a handwritten menu and is warm.、Part of the wall of the table seat in the back is boldly decorated with green (artificial flowers) and、It is full of refreshing image。Surprised in the、All the staff are women! Therefore, it creates a soft air feeling in the store! The pancakes served in front of me、Please excuse the aunt somewhere (laughs)


"Bacon and Egg Benedict" 1,296 yen

Some of the hollandaise sauce that took a lot of、English muffins support fluffy, thick, half-boiled eggs and bacon.。I cut the middle with a knife and fork.、the yolk of a half-boiled egg overflowing like an avalanche。It's a moment of bliss.、I fall into the feeling like morning at home (laugh) The dressing of the mini salad is also delicious♪.


"Special Ricotta Pancake" 1,512 yen

Banana、Kiwi、Strawberry、It is a pancake using homemade ricotta cheese with a lot of blueberries and colorful fruit.。Even if it looks like it.、You can see that it is a fluffy type! Organic maple syrup with plenty of、Because of its gentle sweetness, there is no dullness.、A souffle-type pancake that is moist and melt-in-the-mouth、I can eat it with Perori! Last time、"La Pullman CaféI got your pancakes.、If you compete for the speed of melting in the mouth、Pullman who is pursuing a new texture disappears in no time.。This one.、It is a feeling that leaves the flavor and taste of the powder even in the melting in the mouth good.。"Which is more delicious?" When asked, "Both have their own personality,、Because the taste is different for each person、Please taste it with your own tongue.。Let's answer。I had my husband force me to take him.、1I was happy because I wanted to taste the degree♪.

MARK & # 8217s; S CAFE Marx Cafe
104-1 D's Tower 1F TEL, Itaya-cho, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City:053-458-6611
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

104 -1 itaya-machi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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