Sparrow who barks fun conversation with editor-in-Chief Passeretti paseletti lunch


連尺 Avenue 連尺 intersection near the glass is two-storey landmark "Cafe &dining Passeretti paseletti"Mr.。Ohara Osamu's is like a cafe, opened up a shop owner。With the name paseletti in Italy, the plural form of 'Sparrow' seems to imply、Please feel free to get together at any time、So enjoy talking forever、Desire to provide a cozy atmosphere how they is!


13 seat counter suggests that the movement of the kitchen from the floor at the entrance.、Climb the spiral staircase on the second floor to the floor.


Shop、Furnishings were summarized in the tea system settled into the warm off-white wall、Change the face occasional chairs、Provides 33 seats, including the sofa seat cozy。This stylish order to tsutau wall book stand、At one time the comfortable length is perfect。連尺 street car from the glass window and bike and run、Look people、Guests can also enjoy a moving window。Click here for lunch, daily lunch started.、Sound set and fish fry set available from 950 yen.


"Shrimp and mushroom tomato cream OM rice 950 Yen

Took plenty of tomato sauce and a soft boiled egg omelet。Hainanese chicken rice, not from the PACER rice (? ) Came out。Staff in women is the size of the rice.


Soup set

Onion、Daikon radish、Consomme soup filled with vegetables, such as carrots, ginger, is delicious。Here is、At lunch time until 3 pm.、It is open at night has been operating until two in the morning!。After drinking in the city in the coffee to get even that Nice?!

Cafe &dining Passeretti paseletti
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku 連尺 town 307 TEL:053-452-0899
Hours of operation:11:30Late-night 2:00(Lunch time 11:30-15:00) Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku 連尺 town 307

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