Following its inception 45 years and the green summer make big procession tradition、Poker ice


Speaking of summer、Poker ice。Speaking of Hamamatsu shaved ice、To say everyone is "green," and it's name。And green, it is founded 45 years more than long-established shops。Include "Azuma-yaki" and seasoned signs。Poker up to 10/10 from 5/1 in summer, ice and sold in the shop、In the meantime、Once off the Mitarashi dango and Azuma pottery sale、Poker has been operating on the ice 1。No wonder、In response to your continuing without a break from 10 in the morning until 8 o'clock at night without constant procession through sales。Last year in 2012、Did you expect better timing.、This year in 2013、Even though it was when I was around 17: naive idea is (laughs) out in sequence approximately more than 10 persons、Poker until you can get on the ice、1Take that hour! Even so、Waiting for its time to be like "or a green" Poker ice。Perhaps again it is one of the rites of summer.


In the shop、4Table seats for people 4.。If packed 16 people can eat at once.、Here are some reason's does not。Probably、Some control over the number of people on it?。Still、Beside the good poker, and ice stuff oneself、1To wait in line、The appearance of wait wait for a free table。Seeking the inner ring in the hot and humid inside without air conditioning fan one of the、The looking forward to his turn.


Green or is it in、Parking is the worst。But behind the shop is being hired is 7 units、Of course not enough。Who got the seven good timing is good、Consider if not free unfortunately、Walk or bike、Or looking for a nearby parking and good。By the way、Go left at the parking lot in front of eleven, to eat is a no-no! In the shop (note)、There are notes so、It is a pity that the、Many people disregarding the rules.。It is lucky because walking the neighborhood.


Over the entrance door、Poker shop owner shot to pour over ice in earnest "。Would be beyond his years 70-year-old shopkeeper、Here recently, to others in the Ichiriki、It's killing sales of。However,、Daily Poker from the morning and attentive to the needs of our customers and to make ice。Thank goodness!。Forever forever thank you cherish your body、Summer classic、Green and the Poker is continue ice!


"Strawberry float" 350 yen

1 put the vanilla ice cream with Strawberry Syrup。Here you will、Menu selection is also a whopping 88 type! And a hearty and、This vanilla ice cream or fruit topping is very popular! Plus a reasonable price and the taste is very delicious, creamy mouth melt is good ice to chill the temperature of a hot summer!


"Lemon milk float" 400 Yen

Up 50 Yen plus float with just syrup and topped with milk。Lemon and fresh plus milk flavor and sweetness of、With vanilla ice cream begins to melt and、It marks another blissful moment。Oh、But summer is absolutely green and and's Poker it is ice.

Green Ya
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, motohama-Cho 84 TEL:053-471-3388
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Hamamatsu City area yuan Hamacho 84


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