Simple, the basics "Brill Poundcake' bread


After training in the Kobe area、Yoshie Suzuki, owner in Tokyo was opened the bakery four years is fall 2010.、Bakery opened in local city Hamamatsu "Brill Poundcake"Mr.。Display line up on the counter and、A rich assortment of bread”How to?”And the fun, considering the。every day、6Use a powder type、10Knead the dough more than、Has been baked varied more than 70 products。French bread stick to the doneness of the strong、Beautiful layers are actually suspenseful and croissants、Considering that people with allergies to eggs and milk free bread、”I want to eat too much from”It is said、Bread stores no originality shines。Quiches and cakes、Baked goods、Homemade jam、Original tea、All”Baker”What is not authentic。And the staff polite description、It is also exceptionally nice!


In the storefront and the antique door is also nice、Interior bells and whistles won't white colours thanks to the simplicity of、I feel very easy bread lined up on the counter。But it doesn't mean never varied、It is one of the few who seems more delicious? It's almost as if、Much like wagon with sale items and clothes than is folded up to one point, lined with neat clothes look better、The bread is also、In that small amount of time、Is probably more due to high-quality being pursued ease-of-choice for display.

"Parisienne" 200 yen
"Baguette", "batard" offers a little bit of many size provides better too eat off of Parisienne。The skin is thin, crisp and crunchy, light and tasty、It fits well in any dish.


"Walnut leaves raisin stick" 120 Yen
Fragrant in the rum soaked Raisins、Mixing roasted walnuts、Lovely bread stick-easy-to-eat。Non-use of milk dough、Cinnamon flavored soft plush finish。Is a gentle sweetness.


"Cream cheese and black pepper" 150 yen
Graham dough bread soft I use cream cheese、Finished in a black pepper spicy。Lightly toasted with cream cheese is soft in the heat、In the mouth torotto melts.


See pandemic (3 pieces)"130 Yen

Fluffy was fluffy texture pandemic is、Sweet pumpkin with milk bread。Fluffy soft, perfect for a sandwich、Featured bread eaten raw?。So I just made the strawberry jams、Purchased for the morning.

Brill Poundcake Brille BREAD WORKS
Hirosawa 3-28-10, Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku 1F TEL:053-456-2660
Hours of operation:7:00-18:00 Closed on Mondays:Weekly on Wednesday and on Thursday of week 4

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku hirosawa 3-28-10

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