Sticking to "the riper" material, small cute bakery's reputation in Nagoya I


Tsurumai station away and tucked away in the crowded streets near the building on the first floor、
The window frames were painted in the blue placemark small small Baker "SURIPU the Leeper"Mr.。
As Nagoya tour, interviewed on the eve of French "LA VAGABONDE la vagabond"And it's near、
Drawn to face the mouth-watering smell good like bread, visit。
Great little bakery I'd、
2009 June,In the open since、
Call the word of mouth word of mouth、Now that is has become highly popular reputation in Nagoya.


The small shop、Adults to name a few stores do、Already students say over space。
Pan lined with shelves of such expressions can ask none looks good。
I was surprised of the、Many of the staff are!
Then the small storefront、Young staff 5-6 people and staff very much it is lively and filled with people,。
Not fitted with trays and tongs、Up to decided what to buy?、
Staff going in, have taken over the voice system。




From the hard and feeling the weight、Software system for meal、The Danish system of gloss、
Covering approximately 30 species, including sweet suites of products。
Using the finest selected ingredients、
Homemade natural yeast, Germany from domestic wheat and rye、Is carefully grilled in the kitchen at the back of。


This time the、5I bought the kinds of bread。

"Campagne (natural yeast and domestic wheat and Germany producing rye) nuts & fruit" small 267 Yen
Cranberry、Raisins、Cashew nuts、Walnuts are strewn with Campagne。
Crumpin fig red wine sauce and cream cheese (natural yeast and domestic wheat and Germany producing rye) 267 Yen
Contains a big cream cheese and figs were moist and in the Middle。
"White fig & Walnut (natural yeast and domestic wheat)" half circle 372
Filled white fig and Walnut hard series。
"Noah MOA (natural yeast and domestic wheat)" half-circle 372
Raisins、Orange peel、Got nuts、Fresh bread。
"Apple pie" 334 Yen
Fine layer of crispy bread、If there not as sweet Apple。

The taste of the bread is、Daring Baker of Hamamatsu's compared with、
Also so dust has attacked the sweetness of feeling or sense of crisp bread flavor and texture "And hemp。"Ms
Good balance and diet "Rest mine Emma (L & # 8217s; estaminet ema)"And it's taste taste is personal!

The Leeper SURIPU
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku, Chiyoda 2-16-20 Yasui building 101 TEL:052-263-3371
Hours of operation:11:00-19:00Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

2-16 -20 Chiyoda, Naka-ku Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

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