The first challenge to Myanmar "Mandalay" Thailand cuisine more than mild!


Italy restaurant located within 10 minutes ' walk from the river station located in Showa-Ku, Nagoya "la vena del legno (La vena del renno)" toward the head、I made a blunder that holiday lunch、Myanmar cuisine shop tearfully was the neighbor see MANDALAY (Mandalay) "To enter the shop!

Shop name、And take in Yangon Myanmar second city Mandalay、Here is a local person who provides Myanmar dishes。

2005It will be a shop of 12 years as early as the opening in August、It seems to have closed the shop for the past two years or so.、It has recently been resumed!

Shop、Colours and white、There is a sense of cleanliness using plenty of teak material、It will be a warm atmosphere。The number of seats is 25 seats on the first floor.、225 seats on the floor and comfortable and comfortable in a relaxed manner!

I've never eaten Myanmar food.、What does it feel like!?

In Myanmar cuisine, which is a local dish of Myanmar (formerly Burma) in Southeast Asia、Rice is the staple food in Japan.、I often eat stewed dishes called "Hin" (chinese persimmons).。

"Hin" is like curry in Japan.、Spices are not used as much as Indian curry or Thai curry.、The hotness is mild and easy to eat.、It is characterized by the use of oil is a lot of drooling!

This time the、"Chicken and Potato Curry" of such "Hin"、Rice & Soup" and "Spicy Noodles"、Order with fried rice]!

For lunch set、All menus come with salad and coconut tapioca milk desserts♪

The staff from Myanmar can speak Japanese.、Service side is also safe!

Those who are not good at Indian and Thai dishes as spicy as、But、I want to challenge Southeast Asian cuisine! It is a♪ shop recommended for those who say









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