By Airpark aviation jasdf Hamamatsu PR Kan Japan-only theme park excitement!

Hamamatsu "Jasdf Hamamatsu airbase"The grounds and、In Japan where you can learn the air self-defense force's activities only "Airpark aviation jasdf Hamamatsu PR Center"To!

Here you will、Real fighters and equipment exhibition started.、Flights Miller TER experience and you can also set up、There was a theme to the air self-defense force's activities to the general public、Are open free of charge!

On this day from morning all the way how from Toyama Prefecture parents beach comes first and that there、After breakfast with the family togetherness around the table in our new House、Enjoy favorite aircraft of the stepfather in Hamamatsu tourist No. 1 series.

At the front entrance gate、1956In the impulse specifications established in Tokyo Olympic Games and the World Exposition "EXPO70", after、1981On February 8, finished its role、Now working as a sign of Hamamatsu PR "aircraft symbols 02-7966 Sabre North American F-86F" greets!


Become a museum building on the left is the main entrance、Passed through the reception immediately appears "XF-2 mockups" in front of "exhibit Museum on the first floor!

Here is、On the development of the f-2 full-sized wooden models (mock-ups) was created in、Wooden models of the full-size can be equipped with the f-2 equipped with weapons and ammunition (mockup) are exhibited. On the other side、Scale 1 / 14 scale and the small model, but also your appearance with a brave "the pressure wind tunnel test model basis all transonic velocity insane"!

In the display panel、For more information about the aircraft and the air self-defense force's mission and activities are easy to understand and written, will be studying!

In the cockpit of a f-1 support fighter part remove Panel and displayed (cockpit)、Instruments and a small switch with full and、Panel was removed and exposed engine、Monitored until the nozzle is possible!

To the rear、F-104j fighter (1 unit)、J79 Jet engines cut, was equipped with f-4 Phantom II (two), the model is displayed、Is a huge injection nozzle and sucked it so powerful!

Go to the exhibition hall on the second floor and、Exhibits and model their representative aircraft was used to air self-defense!

On the left is blue pulse corner there、1960Year-model projected figure was active until 1981, the first impulse of takeoff、1982Years and was active in 1996, until the second generation、And 1996-until now that is transformed and the third generation of the active becoming design also available!

Other、"Anti-aircraft gun VADS in the deployed base and Germany Rheinmetall" anti-aircraft 20 mm double gun "and exhibited、On the wall、Airborne equipment and crew equipment、Also、Life-saving equipment、Ground weapons exhibition!

1In the days of、6Installments, aired on time、Enjoy aircraft images on the large screen and powerful "sky round Theatre (Museum 1st floor reception admission ticket distribution is required), the entrance is on the second floor!

In the exhibit Museum on the 3rd floor、Is a simple Simulator experience corner will be able to experience the Jet pilot students are trained with the 1st air wing located in Hamamatsu air base and the same course.、This makes matrix in a popular and、While the delight small children!

In the back、Is the library overlooking the runway of the base in glass.、While watching the landing aircraft、Article in aviation-related spaces.

In the SKY LOUNGE FUJI (skylawnji, Fuji) and the coffee corner at the back、Topic "Yokosuka Navy Curry" became popular self-defense original shot Curry 600 yen, and 700 yen、In the Pack has become a souvenir!

After enjoying the Museum、Let's to the exhibition hangar aircraft had been used over the past show thing in the Center! The number of what "19! "

As the first supersonic advanced trainer aircraft、1967Development was started in the "t-2"!

For a commemorative photo, seated in the cockpit of the impulse specifications Mitsubishi t-2 Advanced trainer that can be、Can touch equipment while saluting excited!

In addition、Lockheed also fly earliest exhibited 19 models in maximum speed Mach 2.0 "f-104j fighter" even sitting down!
Have already greeted in self-defense at the age of 55 to retire now reside as a guide and、Politely took us cockpit equipped with content!

In this exhibition hangar、At the entrance is equipped with the flight suit rental corner、15Minutes should only be、Also includes a free rental of the same model as the type worn by the air self-defense force's pilots flight suit!
Dressed in a flight suit、Feeling like a real pilot to visit the hotel and enjoy the photo!
Prepare large adult sizes from small children、Time you are recommended to be worn for insta Sheen come!

Also、Is at jasdf Hamamatsu airbase involved a variety of events throughout the year、Blue impulse acrobatic flight, showing off a "demo Hamamatsu 2018 in the great attention is expected this year、25 / 11 / 2018's schedule we intend to (Sunday)!

But in pleasing the father was coming for the first time、The Airpark had enjoyed their own than you think! Hamamatsu will come!

Aviation jasdf Hamamatsu PR Museum and air Park
Location:Nishiyama-Cho Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka Prefecture without street air self-defense Hamamatsu station Hamamatsu PR Museum (Airpark)
Opening hours:9:00~ 16:00
Admission fees:Free
Closed days:Every Monday (Monday for national holidays or national holidays、The next day)
Last Tuesday of each month (for facilities)
* The last Tuesday before the national holidays or national holidays、Normal month and is closed on Tuesdays、Tuesday and Wednesday。
3March second week Tuesday-Thursday (due to construction)
Year-end and new year holidays.
Parking lot:Yes (free)

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