Summer nail Acryl sculpture with nail glitter open Atelier La fille


I'm going on a week's trip to Cape Town, South Africa, from Thursday the day after tomorrow.、I don't usually do hand nails on the job of an esthetic salon.、When you travel here and there、It is ayaco which I am stylish.。This time the、Please introduce your friend's nail salon in the neighborhood.、Nail school & salon at home is a dyeing ground Kirari town Hamakita in the "Atelier La filleI visited Mr.。Because you are a salon in one room of your home、that it's the same environment as me、Tomoko Sumida, the owner of the same generation, talked with the same generation.、I was able to have the treatment in a state of being stretched and relaxed to the extent that I did not think that it was a very first meeting person.。This time's nail、Stated the Cape Town specification and hope for the summer、I almost made it to the Omakase pattern.。Here you will、Gel and acrylic are also available.、This time, I challenge the sculpture of acrylic and ask the length to be put out than my nails.、3The book is white nail、Between two color of red and blue。The base is covered with fine silver lame.。Because I tried with the blue which would not challenge if I usually、It is a taste that I do not select easily by myself、When I finished it, I liked the feeling that it was glittering and whetful with the refreshingness and hologram effect that was perfect for summer.。I put a clear stone on the accent only the middle finger and add gorgeousness、I'm in a petite celebrity mood.。The first time is 30% OFF、From Tomoko's desire to feel free to enjoy nails、I'm glad that it is a reasonable price setting.。Tomoko、Thank you very much!

Atelier La fille Atelier La-Feuille
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