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Over 50 year-old KAGIYA building、A bookstore "BOOKS AND PRINTS-BLUE EAST.



Of the over 50 year-old Lily Wood StreetKAGIYA buildingToRound eight real estateAnd get、As part of the revitalization of the city power、2012In October, some reopened then from that what Buzz。Young artists and creators and provide boxes at a reasonable price, to hold events such as、Intended to be a source of cutting-edge culture and。To enrich the imagination of the maker-free interior design moving in、In the is no restoration or、A vivacious activities of residents ' and business support、Beyond the relationship of landlord and tenant、I'm trying to establish new leasing tenant could raise the added value of the building。


Among them、Small bookshop books shinmei-Cho in a heart and taste "BOOKS AND PRINTS – RED WEST' Is it's owner photographerYoung Shin ShingoAt his second store opening KAGIYA building to、Stimulate young creators、The bookstore became a trigger as Activator here "BOOKS AND PRINTS-BLUE EAST"Her.。




Upcoming events in the KAGIYA BOOKS AND PRINTS, organized by Bill、Talk of inviting interiors stylist together Fumiko "Sunday branch talk" will be held at 5/26 (Sunday)。I'm with the capacity of 40 people and coffee morning talk show breakfast with what! If you are interested in on the right to learn more →Fumiko together mountain morning talk show "Sunday branch talk"


Oh yes、But never forget that、We are very indebted "Watermelon and North,"The Baba was our brother、Baba Daisuke original brand "STOKED"The piping art planters also discovered。The art from Daisuke、While engaged in the business of plumbing in the brand、Materials used in plumbing for a produced work。I was shown in photos、In the texture of the real thing is a nice touch、It has good ambiance and Bookstore click here。KAGIYA being gathered here and there and still new shop building。I am looking forward for the future development.

KAGIYA building

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 229-13 KAGIYA building 2F TEL:053-488-4160
Closed on Mondays:Fire、Thursday's opening hours 13:00-19:00

229 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
Food log version caches to currently provides information on gourmet restaurants in more than 700。
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Rum steamed charm, make pudding At the moment, because Strawberry confiture is happy wake-up
Rum steamed charm, make pudding
At the moment, because Strawberry confiture is happy wake-up


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