In Fukuroi Yatomi Shinsaibashi hairdresser switch is OPEN!


Fukuroi Internet Street "Beauty room SWITCH' And it's branch 'switch "Mr.、Today 5/7 (Tuesday)、Because it was OPEN in Yatomi Shinsaibashi pre-opening celebration! When I was around 14:00 PM the waiting time and the owners friend Daisuke Sakai。


A peaceful place filled with the nature of Yatomi to suddenly appear presence plenty of bins。OPEN on the first day that there、Parking lot jammed with cars。At the entrance was there was festive flower vase。


On the wooden deck click here、Either on the terrace-style tables and chairs are put。A refreshing summer sunshine、The terrace in the spacious relax。


So are colours white beige exterior and interior are natural、Very spacious and clean.。The head of the check-in counter at the entrance、Germany antique light taste to it。Also see with antique furnishings in some places、That was responsible for the design of、As well as the SWITCH head in Hamamatsu "Apartment store"For 日内地,、Because hina-Chan.。


Forest green spread out in front of set。Is this landscape are like watching one painting、Sakai chose this land.。


4-Shampoo booth includes private booth。Sticking to the original organic shampoo、Staff head Spa course。


This is a counseling room of the Salon.。In the spacious、Treatment rooms, 4 rooms available。It is said Vecchio aesthetician has 3 name。


In the shop、So from the original product manufacturer shop sales are also various availbale、You will find your favorite shampoo and hair care products.


This time、switch +, a new trial was、This bakery was established in the shop's is a small cafe。Because views in the kitchen、Find out what the world unfolds in this cute pastry kids suites。Are today's cake、Was sold, without having to wait for snack time。It is great success from the first day of the OPEN.


Head Office and branch office locations, or back and forth, it was Sakai's hectic schedule、Home roasting coffee roaster "Blister and Japanese restaurant"Sent from that stock、switch + original blend iced coffee and feast.、Passion for the then new stores not put able to hear!


In the last、Together with Sakai and his wife Tomoko Chan shot ♪ Sakai、Slowly talk again!?!

Switch Salon
Kuno, Fukuroi city 2715-3 TEL:0538-44-3311
Closed on Mondays:Monday、Second Sunday opening hours. 9:30-19:00

Fukuroi city Kuno 2715 -3

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