The kitchen new Open Star Hill terrace store uniform food specialty store!


As a part of the townStar Hill group.As a result、2003/3The shopping mall was opened "Star Hill terrace."Mr.。Hotel、North to South approximately200m、Difference between the high and low16.8mThe were built along a gentle slope、Running through the Center width16mThe various facilities across the road to start with shops on both sides of the East-West has been expanded、Building on the East side ofEast、The building of the WestWestHas been named、2One passage connecting buildings are equipped。In addition、To the North isMitsukoshi HoshigaokaAnd then next、By designing a passage here and、That soup Prime sense of unity in the whole city、Very crowded。ThatStar Hill terrace.OfEastOf the frontHigashiyama-DoriFacing the、2015On March 13.The new as a new building "THE KITCHEN and the kitchen' Has been opened!THE KITCHEN and the kitchenAnd the、Stores the new business of Nagoya's first stores and popular restaurants、AttentionAll 9 storesAlong with the、Bring food abundance and joy、And bring the beauty and excitementFood specialty storeHas become a。Parking、In back of the building、Free parking time is extended to amount to shop in the store。Now、Immediately、The kitchenThe let me see the inside!


Click here "Lulu Bio rururu BIOT Epistle Star Hill."Mr. a、If you're more well known "Biot, Atsumi Epistle Hama Matsu' With either 'Food OASIS Atsumi"Is it's new brand and will、Collect only the masterpiece of selected food specialists has been sold!


Due to the opening、Atsumi foodsThe President & CEOWatarai, KazuhitoWould we've greetings。Open exactly a week、In the hustle and bustle in the number of visitors than you think、Glossary-BIOTMr. a、Under the new brandNagoya's first store openingsIt is also available、The struggle battleWataraiSan。Due to hectic, a bit fatigued and is、Guided me around the store smiling!


EpistleAnd the、In France,"Deli"Or"Grocery store"Has the meaning。Here you will、Collect fresh perishable foods and food specialists selected by gem、Will taking full advantage to eating to enjoy high-quality Super。A usually rare to get popular wine, truffles and organic Pate started.、TV and magazines、On the Internet and gathered from domestic and overseas food buzz、It's the same instruments to gorgeous dining table in your home、Will be pleasing to consideration to the party and choose the gift shop!


Above all、Bio wineOffered onlyWine cornerThe sales are going well with、As well as attracting interest wine enthusiasts in Nagoya。Align and pleasing to gifts from the daily operation and be able to get an affordable price range.


Australia certified organicOf hemp are real nuts 'Hemp Seeds hemp seed nuts"Even selling and selling。The raw hemp seed、A high-qualityProteinAnd9 types of essential amino acidsJust not、Essential fatty acidsIsOmega-3、Omega-6Also includes、In food for good health and women、Will say exactly what natural supplements。In the prepared foodsHemp seed+ Α that、Try putting up your true beauty!


Famous Donuts "ZARAME Crystal"Let's produce a coffee stand"MORGAN Morgan ezo"Mr.。The carefully selected beans indicate the locality or altitude、Extract to one cup、Provides us with a new coffee culture unleashes the flavor and enjoy the difference。Pore over extracted specialty coffee taste like fruit、Will overturn the concept of coffee ever!


Be snack's strongest aromatic coffee and homemade Donuts!


"Japan Food Expert"The President also、NutritionistNagata ArisawaJust good for the body is proposed、Natural deli lunch and Omega-3 smoothies、Hot Smoothie、And suites offered "Comer Comer"Mr.。The word "beautiful"、Blood and guts、That means that become beautiful from the inside out、And "Comer (Spain language:Eat) "the name of the shop、See ingredients made the producers love komete gratitude komete please! "And thought Yes come is is!


The French deli quiche or soup provided seeBeBe Bebe no Osougai of your ofprepared"Mr.。Grandmaison from Chef、It offers dishes of French techniques based on where you can enjoy on a daily basis。"Closer to the French"AndRice children's will make you smileBased on the concept、Safety and safety for sauce and broth is kodawara to the additive-free!


Healthy, spicySouth Indian curryThe Shoppe "ERICK CURRY & VEGETABLE DELI Eric Carey & vegetable del"Mr.。Spices Curry each material to fit in original blend formulated and、Range from sweet to dry all lineup made additive-free, is provided。Together with the world with organic local vegetables and vegetable Materia、Taste the fun of herbs and spices to everyday life。Manager、Push "Eric chicken curry"The、Contains chicken and gorogoroc、Guests can enjoy delicious flavor of piquant and material! Shops are those who love Indian curry!


Star Hill from being loved in town35 yearLong-established restaurant called 'Ma Maison"The Mensch and specialty stores 'Ma Maison from town, and"Mr.。Ma MaisonSan saysHamburger steakIn the famous、Made in its hamburger meatMench andHas been sold。Carefully selected ingredients combined with an exquisite masterpiece, and。Take away fried、On the next day in the stone ware roaster rehashMench and sandTo have、Crispy and thick juciy by light oil、Pleasant taste are queuing up.


The kitchenOf the approximately half as much space to fill、Bakery and Café-Restaurant "神戸屋 dining"Mr.。In the Café corner、Before work in the morning、Lunch、Corresponding to the dinner with a variety of scenes.


At the corner bakery、Huge selection, authentic breads of bread and、Pies, pastries, etc.、The wide variety of useable。Wheat bran is、Semicircle in a soft and fluffyBaizembrothThe、Ears are moist and have、Buy a sandwich fit better。Of course、Original town Mensch andAcross theMench and sandTo to.。The fluffy texture、Keep the next day、Sweet, very helpful!


The kitchenThe building next to the expanded、2Week per store to a different period of time limited event shop "MOGMOG"With Japanese sweets shop headquartered in ENA, Gifu Prefecture"Number-"Let's live in the House.


"More Good More Glocal" (something more and more in the region)Thought and be namedMOGMOGMr. a、"A hill terrace if you have stars! 」Said customer feedback、A few weeks between events shop space to evolve in the limited period of several months。This event storeTokyoOfSangen-JayaIn a deep fried pizza Frizza (Fritz) specializes in "C & # 8217s; est Moi! SE more"And it is!


Famous for chestnut sweets and sweet chestnut 'Number-"Mr.。And Nagoya only stores、Becomes the first concept shop。In the product number to classic and seasonal products, the year 1000 items、Bank of JapanIn sticking to products is provided in every season!


On this day、"Spring mashed chestnuts village pond"Such as the tasting had been in the shop。In the sweet spring reflected the Magnolia stellata colourful chestnut、Align the mixing of the Yam alone、Finish and moisturize。Yam of peculiar smell of the soil and an unaffected、Enhance the taste and smell of chestnuts。Enjoy a variety of foodThe kitchenThe、Fine food body will be pleased、Future、Will give the richness of our daily life.

Star Hill terrace THE KITCHEN the kitchen.
Address:Nagoya-Shi Chikusa-Ku, Hoshigaoka original 16-50, TEL:052-781-1266
Hours of operation:Of sales and services 10:00 ~ 20:00、Restaurants and cafés 7:30-23:00
(Hours vary by store。Visit the about us page for more information)
Open every day

From Nagoya-Shi Chikusa-Ku Hoshigaoka-Cho 16-50

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