Deploy two floors of breathtaking cornes Ferrari Nagoya new transfer open source was Chikusa-Ku


In the Japan domesticFerrariAndMaseratiSuch as the luxury passenger car sales 'CORNES cornes Motors co., Ltd."Mr.。Tokyo, Osaka, NagoyaIn the showroom of the nine stores、And operated six stores Service Center。Here isChikusa Station NorthThe corner of intersection、In where is the showroom once again "CORNES Nagoya"As for the relocation of the showroom was、2014On March 20,.From being held for 3 daysGrand opening fairThe turned out!


1Floor and 2 floor 2 floorIn the luxury showroom has been deployed、To celebrate the Grand opening of、It is possible enjoy an abundant lineup as the world's most recent Ferrari show room。Natural light pours into large、Bright airy filled showrooms、White combined with a clean, modern design consists。On the back of the front Lady、Image colorRed (Rosso)The bright finish on one side.


1Business booths at the back of the showroom floor、In actual samples, such as sheets or parts、Original order is possible.


2Floor floor is spacious and offer、During a leisurely、It is a heavenly sight many of Ferrari!3-19 (Thu).Of the night、All cars in the showroom from creampie、More than 200 people gather to commemorate the opening.、Held a Grand night party pattern!




Brake caliper, Steering


Ferrari toy


Because the front Lady two people who welcome you to smiley、If you are interested please come visit!

CORNES Nagoya Ferrari Nagoya showroom
Nagoya-Shi Chikusa 3-23-19 cons House Nagoya TEL:052-753-9095
Hours of operation:Monday-Friday / 10:00-19:00、Saturday, Sunday & holidays / 10:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:Year round (excluding year-end and new year holidays).

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