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2006 yearThe open from9First yearPick up、In the last year2014 yearIn the autumnNagoya showroomThe renewed "MANAS Manas trading"Mr.。Here is、Domestic inventory collection from Europe and Central、Over the selection of international brands、Interior fabrics、Import wallpaper、Rugs、Accessories such as、Item quality and attention to detail has been wide range。From the professional to the general public、In addition to wealth and comfort、Us giving the best suggestions for those who are looking for beautiful life。Foreign brands of creative textures、Design a wide variety of fabrics and wallpapers、Rugs、Lighting and display rich、And resident coordinator also can meet a variety of needs、Create a high-quality interior space of everyday life has been centered.


In the showroom、285Square meters (86 square meters)And extends to the spacious showroom、Abundantly exhibited overseas brand curtains or fabric Chair Zhang、In the newly created wallpaper corner、It is possible to see wallpaper colorful designs of foreign brands rich in practice。And in its original condition and texture、At one point one point craftsmen build produced beautiful lighting corner is filled with。Place、As the previous、Metro "Sakae station"of13 ExitMore than 2 minutes、China is located in the building immediately on the South side (both mouth ya building next door).


In the showroom、Fabrics and samples that are exhibited all over the place、First of all, the staff please feel free to charge。In fact、Goods on display are all is not。Along the request、Coordinator's me giving advice to consult by all means!

1858At rubell was founded in Venice。
Damask、Lamps、The creative source of the finest textiles produced ruberg, such as Velvet、Dates back to the late middle ages and Renaissance。


Previous、"ALAIN DESIGN Alan design"Is it of events seminar 'Alan special talk event' At metMana tradingThe Nagoya sales office sales Chief atTanabe, JapanIs it the interviewed greetings Theo。At the Nagoya showroom、That from being open for extended、Aggressive and held seminars、Restaurant owner and is also very popular in General。There is capacity、If you are interested in booking.

Next seminar
[Introduction to Jim Thompson spring summer new collection & 2015 trends seminar]

Date & time:2015April 9, (Thursday)
No. 1:Start time 13:30~ (13:00Will be accepted) exit 15:00
Part 2:Start time 16:30~ (16:00Will be accepted) exit plan 18:00
Venue:Mana trading Nagoya showroom (4-14-5 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi Matsushita Chunichi Bldg. 2f)
Capacity::Part 50 person
Application deadline::2015April 3, up to (Friday)
For inquiries::Mana trading co., Ltd. Nagoya showroom (TEL:052-238-6852-


The other day、WeThailand BangkokAndTaiwan TaipeiIn from the flow of the story five decorations in the hotel and the Interior, I've found the experience、Now、Mana tradingAnd I'm in recommend brand is pressed and、"Ailes creation, Inc. Elcreation co., Ltd."The President andMayumi TakadaMr. maker "ALEXANDER LAMONT Alexander Lamont"The catalog to meet you。Alexander LamontThe、Of the BritishAlex LamontEngaged in design、BangkokAnd bases、Is active in the international brand。Using rare materials like bronze, shagreen, lacquered and marquetry, parchment and finish.、Produce artisan quality craftsmanship with straddle East and West sensibilities by collection、Also to say that works of art、In the current、"Mandarin Oriental Bangkok"、"The Sukhothai Bangkok"、"Four seasons Bangkok."Such as have a shop in the hotel、It is also used to luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel decorations, including luxury brands。EspeciallyShagreen (Peel the skin of stingrays and sharks and dried ones)With side tables, such as impressive!



To consult the Interior and spatial coordination、Mana trading Nagoya showroomIs it by all means please use!

MANAS Manas trading Nagoya showroom
Address:4-14-5 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi Matsushita Chunichi Bldg 2F TEL:052-238-6852
Hours of operation:AM10:00-PM6:30(March ~ Fri) AM10:00-PM6:00(Sat.)
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Public holidays、During the summer、Year-end and new year holidays.

4-14-5 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City

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