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Qin garden matured as a delicious old tea shops enjoy the freaking difference oolong



AgingVery mellow and mild tea leavesAn old teaSpecializing in 'Qin Garden (tinyuen)"Mr.。1985 yearSince it was founded in、We kept up with age-old manufacturing organic tea leaves using a charcoal。2010/SeptemberThe、Of the currentYung y. ParkMoved to the front.。Original antique experience is ownerLiao Yoshino SatoshiMr. a、As Japan lived with her husband, is a fluent Japan language。LiaoMr. a、A prominentPu-Erh teaThe research House also、In the number of media that、Speaking of Pu-Erh tea in TaiwanPatioMr. shopping center as it is!


Not just in tea leaves、Many types of tea、The store ownerLiaoAnd it's also has a good collection of fonts and other antique casually hits as a product display shelf。To see all productsLiaoJust selected and are being treated.


Since the tasting experience free of charge、Would you like to recommend the tea leaves。This time the、Nantou PrefectureOf the regionOolongAnd said that Taiwan's most beautiful LakeSun Moon Lake (leauethane)The cultivated near LakeSun Moon Lake teaThe two species will be!


Pour the tea in the practicedLiaoSan。So provide us with instructions written in Japan、Is easy to understand how to BREW tea。Cute tea strainer using a real gourd (calabash)、As used by the article contains pretty。Gourd tea strainer also is treated as a commodity.





Full Cup、Carefully poursLiaoIs it the tea、Is a mild, sweet taste and smell better。Even the same tea leaves、One decoction and two remarkable differences in decoctions、Please try by all means enjoy the difference also because the taste is different ♪


The tea set、Want to enjoy the tea Board by.、But I gave up because of space and、White CupThe、Affordable and sold in single units、1PiecesNT $ 60 (approximately 240 Yen's Japan yen) ~It is available for purchase。Cute colorful tea cups.、We select something simple timeless!


In the appearance, such as souvenir、The box is recommended、Considering the bulky to fit in a suitcase、Recommended type of zipper bags for home。Of course some tea bags type、I purchased the tea leaves.


This time the、Even the ones who let me taste、Cars made in the improvement of breed Brown No.18、Made using the alias, Jonathan (kougyoku)Sun Moon Lake tea 50 g NT $ 380 (Japan yen and then around 1,500 yen) 、Is milk aroma natural, mild-flavoredAlishan Mountain gold Hsuan 50 g NT $ 220 (Japan yen and then around 860 yen)、Frost top of eihei Takashi Mura region handpicked (1 core Futaba)、Aroma and sweet flavor with tea leaves of most peopleOolong (Ultra Edition) 50 g NT $ 430 (Japan yen and approximately 1,700 yen)And we selected。Here's to your Bill、JCB cardAnd use of5%OFFTo be reasonable。Now、Next in line、LeeTo the dining hall renovation-Kun suggest Japan House.

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Qin Garden (tinyuen)
Address:Taipei City, Yung Kang city, 10-1 TEL:02-2321-8975、02-2395-7567
Hours of operation:11:00-21:00 Holidays:Year round (old new year in advance reservations required).

10-1, Wing Hong Street, Taipei

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Explore the streets bustling and eating good food gourmet specialties in Yung Kang city gastronomy gourmet town while Nostalgic big hidden liquor Japan houses with local people who frequently visits Taiwan cuisine
Explore the streets bustling and eating good food gourmet specialties in Yung Kang city gastronomy gourmet town while
Nostalgic big hidden liquor Japan houses with local people who frequently visits Taiwan cuisine


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