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Lamborghini aventador Lamborghini Nagoya powerful engine sound



Nagoya-Shi Chikusa-Ku fukiageOfWakamiya OdoriAlong the2012On May 26th (SAT)In the opened "Lamborghini Nagoya"Mr.。Here "Maserati Hamamatsu"Base imported sasayama city, Hyogo Prefecture, as well as from sales of vehicles, domestic new car used car sales、Engaged in maintenance of peace、Listed in the "customer satisfaction first."Queenauto co., Ltd."(President and Representative Director:Tabata, ToshihikoMr.), it's operatedLamborghini dealerIs!


Greet you at the showroom entrance for me、HURACÁN Huracan LP 610-4AndAventador LP 700-4Of the two! The new sports model"Huracan"The、Became the all time best hitsGallardoThe successor machine、"Huracan"The name is in Spain'Hurricane'The sense that there、The origin of this name、It stays the sameAttribute and name of bullfightingTo honor、Here is19CenturyTo present and、The absolute strength and invincibility ofBull namesIt uses。GallardoThe design said that normal evolution、Our neighbor'Aventador'Of incorporating a motif、Have made the evolution to a more aggressive form"Huracan"。Ground-hugging ride height and、Future cars and is reminiscent of a flowing form to。And、Ease of driving and ride comfort with attention、Drivability in everyday life and mobility at circuit height、2One dictates the direction and、GallardoThan it is as a car that can be used in a wide range of popular car!


1st floor inside the showroom floor、3And display units、20cmThe height of the low-slungLamborghiniDesigned to reduce clutter。2The floor、Meeting space and a spacious meeting room set up、Is equipped in the back office.


On this day、Exactly what happens toMaserati HamamatsuThe service factory DirectorOTAKEClaus had been clocked in the help for、Gave us showrooms and precure




Aventador LP 700-4

Extensive use of motifs and a sharp, tight body、Iconic design"Gull-wing doors (sizzarda)"Lightly bumped。Engine hood got the idea from the appearance of the bug、The engine mid-ship vertical position。Carbon fiber technology、Body with light weight and high rigidity。Open the bright red cover in the center console、To become a push button type、Start the engine in a single index finger! Resounding roar onV-12The terrific until of heart dance to the sound of the engine!


Proportional to the exterior、Male piercing cochpid。Odd seating position yet on the lower、Its like like 這i蹲ru on the ground。Need some getting used to and is likely to run on public roads、Running the super sports car is the car。Once touched, you feel even better。OTAKESan、Thank you very much!

Lamborghini Nagoya Lamborghini Nagoya
1-5-3 fukiage Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi
TEL:052-745-3902For inquiries::0800-111-7774
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Wednesdays

1-5-3 fukiage Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi

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Seiro Soba House oomori and sawing round menu can be compared 2 species of buckwheat Pizzeriatractria "Cesar" by "abiteria" organized by Maserati new year meeting 2015
Seiro Soba House oomori and sawing round menu can be compared 2 species of buckwheat
Pizzeriatractria "Cesar" by "abiteria" organized by Maserati new year meeting 2015


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